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Divers repair war-damaged wells offshore Iran

Offshore staff

TEHRAN, Iran – Iranian Offshore Oil Co. has rehabilitated four damaged wells at the Nowruz field in the Persian Gulf.

According to news service Shana, wells 5, 6, 7 and 8 caught fire during an air attack in the Iraq-Iran war of the early 1980s.

Due to destruction of the platform section connected to the wells, and erosion of a large part of the underwater structure over the past 35 years, two of the four wells had tilted and had suffered further damage.

Repair specialists had installed various underwater retainers and restraints, but the operation had to be repeated several times following severe storms.

Diving teams from Khark Underwater Repairs, working in a 99-day, round-the-clock operation, in co-operation with DCI-2 drilling rig specialists, managed to secure the four abandoned wells, with more than 30 drilling operations performed for sampling and injection of cement.


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