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Former US president Donald Trump gives first public speech since leaving White House

'We will be victorious': Trump delivers first post-presidential speech

Former US President Donald Trump has delivered his first speech since leaving office at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

a day ago01:38Former US president Donald Trump gives first public speech since leaving White House

Donald Trump signalled a political comeback for 2024 in his speech closing the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida.

a day ago00:50Former Capitol police chief grilled over deadly siege

The former chief of the Capitol police has been grilled by senators about the lead up to the deadly capitol siege.

6 days ago00:30Biden takes first Presidential trip

Joe Biden has pledged to make 600 million vaccine doses available by the end of July during his first trip as President.

13 days ago01:54Trump vows to return to campaign trail

After being acquitted of his second impeachment trial, Donald Trump claims he will hit the campaign trail and run for presidency again.

Feb 15th, 202101:41Donald Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial

Former US President Donald Trump has been acquitted in his second impeachment trial.

Feb 14th, 202102:12Donald Trump’s defence team accuses Democrats of hypocrisy

Donald Trump’s legal team has accused the Democrats of being hypocritical in their impeachment defence.

Feb 13th, 202101:58Day three of Donald Trump’s impeachment begins

Day three of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is underway with impeachment managers set to finish arguing their case that former President Donald Trump incited an insurrection at the US Capitol.

Feb 11th, 202101:45Chilling vision of Capitol riots shown in Trump’s trial

Confronting vision shows the former US Vice President Mike Pence being rushed to safety as Donald Trump supporters threatened him.

Feb 11th, 202102:34House managers air new violent Capitol security footage

House impeachment managers aired new Capitol security footage showing how the rioters violently breached the Capitol.

Feb 10th, 202101:59Dramatic evidence to be shown in day two of Trump impeachment

Dramatic new evidence will be shown in the US Congress on day two of the historic second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

Feb 10th, 202101:44Trump’s second impeachment trial begins

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial has begun, with the Senate declaring it constitutional.

Feb 10th, 202102:14Second impeachment of Donald Trump underway

The unprecedented second impeachment trial of Donald Trump is underway after the former president was charged with inciting violence in the wake of the Capitol riots.

Feb 9th, 202101:35

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