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Focus on Trump distracts from Democrats’ maneuvering

Hey Republicans, Donald Trump is no longer president. Yes, I know he is speaking at CPAC and will declare himself the 2024 presumptive nominee. Supporters will love what he says, opponents will be triggered, and the media will work themselves into a frenzy. But, he is still no longer president and while we continue the endless conversations about Donald Trump, we’re missing what’s really going on in Washington.

Yes, we should be angry about election fraud. We must work to ensure our voting rights are never undermined in the future. However, we need focus on the fact that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are working hard to fundamentally change the way we vote.

In a blatant attack on the Constitution, House Democrats reintroduced “For the People Act” (H.R.1) — their manifesto that increases government censorship over speech, keeps politicians in power, and gives government unprecedented amounts of power to manipulate elections.

H.R. 1 will institute national automatic voter registration, require early voting, provide for nationwide mail-in voting with prepaid postage, keep ineligible voters on voter rolls, register voters without verifying eligibility, and allow people to vote without showing any identification.

H.R. 1 gives Washington, D.C., statehood, allows felons to vote, allows members of Congress to take a second salary and would allow politicians to use taxpayer dollars to pay for their political campaign ads.

It’s not just the sanctity of our elections they are attacking. Joe Biden has announced a league of anti-gun proposals including limiting the size of magazines, banning certain firearms and allowing victims of gun violence to sue manufacturers, in an effort to put them all out of business.

Are you still talking about Donald Trump?

In his first 30 days in office, Joe Biden signed an astonishing 30 executive orders. The presidency was never meant to be the most powerful branch of government. We have separation of powers and checks and balances to ensure that we have a system of government that rests power in the hands of the people — not a single branch of government. The president does not make the laws, that’s congress’s job.

EOs should be used sparingly and should not be used to circumvent Congress when they won’t do what the executive branch wants or won’t do it quick enough.

President Biden and the Democrats have presented a $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package. He wants to grant sweeping amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and count the undocumented in the U.S. Census.

News stories are telling two tales, and neither are the one the matters. They tell you about the villain Donald Trump and the hero Joe Biden. They still talk about Donald Trump’s tax returns, recap his tweets and the “fractured” Republican Party. They then convey the tales of Joe Biden playing Mario Cart with his granddaughter at Camp David, hanging out with his dogs and even putting a log on the fire in the Oval Office all on his own.

This serves to get Republicans angry and focused on the continued obsession with Donald Trump by those who don’t like him. It serves to keep middle America under the false belief that Joe Biden is a kind, measured leader with return to normalcy in the White House. Despite his image, and those being portrayed, Joe Biden’s actions are radical and left unchecked, will only get worse.

For all Americans, it is time to refocus our attention to the actions of those currently in leader positions in Washington, D.C. We must focus on those making the decisions, not those that we wish were. Donald Trump is no longer president. We must move on. If we don’t, we risk losing more than the White House, we risk losing the very ideals of freedom, liberty and even capitalism for which this great country was founded.

Matt Wylie was a former executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party and currently serves as president of Freedom Project USA.

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