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Rolling Prairie man becomes newest member of Packers FAN Hall of Fame

ROLLING PRAIRIE, Ind. (WNDU) – Wednesday was a life changing day for longtime Packers fan George Oudhuis, when he found out he would be inducted into the Packers FAN Hall of Fame.

Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy shared the news on a Zoom call.

“And George, I have the honor today to share with you some very good news. You have been selected as our fan honoree this year. Congratulations, I hope we surprised you,” Murphy said.

This was George’s fourth time being one of the 10 finalists.

“It was surreal. It was like a big weight was lifted off me after being there three times in the past and then finally to win it and be the first person in Indiana to win it; and to be fortunate enough to get back in the top ten four times. Nobody has ever done that before…I always wanted to get our family name up in Lambeau field, on the wall, so that generations to come…and friends and family…can go up and look at it and say they knew me somehow,” Oudhuis said.

Oudhuis has been a Packers fan since he was nine years old.

“When I was a little kid they were great on TV and they caught my eye. We went through lean years and I went through lean years with them,” Oudhuis said.

Since about 1977, he has been collecting all things Packers.

“I’ve never lived in Green Bay. Green Bay has always lived inside of me. So if you are a fan, you are a true fan all the way down to the bone,” he said.

Oudhuis also received gifts and tickets to some home and away games.

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