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What Bill Gates Thinks Of Donald Trump’s Social Media Ban

While some people want Donald Trump‘s social media ban to last forever, Bill Gates has a slightly different opinion. During an interview with CNBC, Gates gave his two cents about the social media ban, saying that he thinks “at some point [Trump] probably will be allowed back on and probably should be allowed back on.” While Gates thinks that Trump should be allowed back on social media at some point, he does also acknowledge that Trump’s claims about a “stolen election” were “weird” and “corrosive.” Because Trump used social media to spread information, Gates notes that if Trump does return to social media “his stuff may be labeled as false in a lot of cases.”

Despite the fact that Trump’s social media posts garnered a lot of attention (both good and bad), Gates also thinks that Trump’s social media return may encourage people to become less interested in what he has to say. “In a way, people’s interest in what [Trump] says may go down quite a bit,” Gates explained in his interview. “That’ll be interesting to watch.” 

Only time will tell if Trump’s social media ban ever gets lifted — but, if he does, it’s safe to say that people will have plenty of opinions about that, too.

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