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Google kicked Donald Trump’s official campaign app from the Play Store because it no longer worked, but the iOS version is still live

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donald trump phone Reuters/Leah Millis

  • The Official Trump 2020 app was taken down from the Google Play Store Wednesday because it didn’t work.
  • The former President’s app was reportedly unable to load content, and gave users errors.
  • Google told Insider it removed the app after the developer failed to fix the problems.
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Google removed former US President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign app from its Play Store on Wednesday because the app failed to maintain an “minimum level of functionality.”

The Official Trump 2020 app, which provided campaign news, donations, and an event schedule, was unable to load content and reported network errors before Google decided to take it down, Android Police reported.

Though the 2020 campaign is over, Trump, who was banned from Facebook and Twitter in his last days in office for stirring the Capital Hill riots, may yet run again in 2024.

Google did not explain what the app’s exact faults were.

“The Trump 2020 campaign app recently stopped working and we reached out to the developer multiple times in an attempt to get them to address the issue,” Google said in a statement to Insider.

“People expect that apps downloaded from Google Play provide a minimum level of functionality and our policy is to remove non-working apps from the store if they are not fixed.”

Trump’s app  remains on the Apple App Store,  as the iOS version is still working.


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