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Jane Castor never wants Donald Trump to hold office again

TAMPA — Asked earlier this week if she supported the U.S. House of Representative’s impeachment effort against President Donald Trump, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said yes — with a caveat.

“I think for the health and well-being of our country, that he should be kept from running for office in the future,” said Castor, a Democrat.

Castor, in an interview Wednesday with the Tampa Bay Times, also said she’s going to wait to get the coronavirus vaccine until she feels it is appropriate to do so.

Before Christmas, her office said she would get the shots “soon” and publicly, but the mayor said she no longer felt that was necessary.

“The question that I had in the beginning … was to get it … as an influencer. But I think the fact that we’re getting it out to as many of the older residents 65 and older, and getting it out to our first responders and with no adverse reactions that I’m aware of — that’s the biggest influence we can have in our community. So I don’t really think many people care if Jane Castor gets the vaccine, but I certainly will when I feel it’s appropriately available.

But I’m young, I’m healthy … I’ll just keep taking the precautions,” the 61-year-old Castor said.

As her city prepares to host Super 55 next month amidst a pandemic and political unrest, Castor, who plans to attend the game in person, said she hasn’t received any reports of Tampa being a target of terrorist activity — foreign or domestic.

“We’re preparing for anything that may occur, but we haven’t received any information or intelligence that should be of political discord or protests,” she said.

The Tampa Police Department hasn’t suspended time off for police officers around the Feb. 7 game, she said.

Some national reports have suggested City Hall might be targeted by far-right groups. Castor said she’s confident that city buildings have adequate security.

“We have security measures in all of our public facilities that are continuously engaged,” she said.

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