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A not-so-scary Halloween forecast: Quiet and dry weather expected for most of US


After a scary, stormy week across much of the U.S., the weather looks to be rather dry and quiet for Halloween this Saturday, practically from coast-to-coast.

“You really could not ask for a much better forecast than what we’ve got coming up for Halloween,” said Weather Channel meteorologist Ari Sarsalari. “It’s going to be really nice in most of the country.” 

It will be cool in many northern areas, as you’d expect this time of year, he added. “But compared to how cold it’s been recently, this is really mild weather,” Sarsalari said.

Several areas of high pressure will work together to keep much of the continental U.S. dry for those choosing to trick-or-treat on Halloween night, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Mary Gilbert.

Once in a blue moon: A full moon will be visible Halloween night for first time in decades

Air sinks under areas of high pressure, preventing clouds and rain from forming. 

Nearly clear skies are expected in most areas, with only some rain showers possible in  South Florida and along the Southeast coast, the Weather Channel said.

In the Northeast, AccuWeather said that while dry weather will keep people from reaching for the umbrella, some may need to reach for a coat to venture outside Saturday evening as temperatures drop into the 30s and 40s by the evening.

The Southeast and south-central U.S. will be on the cool side too, and temperatures will fall rather quickly after the sun sets. Outside of Florida, a brisk evening will likely be in store for residents across the region, AccuWeather predicts.

The north-central and northwestern U.S. will also see mostly clear skies and chilly temperatures, but nowhere near as bitterly cold as it was earlier in the week. A few snow and rain showers could fall in far northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Southwest will be on the warm side, AccuWeather forecasts: “While Halloween night is forecast to by dry and chilly for most across the nation, the one portion of the country set to experience unseasonably warm conditions in addition to the helping of dry weather is the Southwest,” Gilbert said. 

The national weather forecast map for Halloween.

One added bonus to the great weather across the country is that for the first time in decades, a full moon will be visible on Halloween night.  

The last time that a full moon was seen in all U.S. time zones on Halloween was 1944, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. The next time we’ll see an equally spooky Halloween full moon is 2039, so plan your werewolf costumes accordingly.


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