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US Elections 2020: Who is running for president as a Libertarian?

Dr Jo Jorgensen. Image courtesy: Facebook @JoJorgensen2020)

The Libertarian party has decided to back Dr Jo Jorgensen for the White House.
Jorgensen is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University since 2006 and holds a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Jorgensen, who was the vice-presidential nominee for the party in 1996, is running on the promise of maximising “individual freedom”, a central theme of the party’s core beliefs. Her running mate is Jeremy “Spike” Cohen.
The Libertarian party, founded in 1971, follows the principle of minimizing governmental interference in the life of the citizens. The party advocates for a completely free market will best serve the interests of the American people. Jorgensen has vowed to end all federal government licensing requirements on workers, saying “millions of Americans are shut out of a job by licensing laws.”
On the issue of healthcare, the Libertarian candidate has claimed the cost of healthcare can be reduced by 75% by allowing “real price competition” and by “reducing government and insurance company paperwork.”
On taxation, the Jorgensen campaign opposes any increase in any taxes and instead vows to eliminate federal income tax.
On the contentious issue of abortion, the party advocates for a individual-centric approach instead of allowing the government or the court to dictate the US citizens.
The party has secured ballot access in all the 50 states, the second straight election in which it has been able to do so.
In the 2016 presidential elections, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for US president, secured over 3 per cent votes nationally, and alongside Green Party’s Jill Stein, was blamed by many for Hillary Clinton’s eventual loss to current US president Donald Trump.

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