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Thousands come out to support President Donald Trump in Ocala

OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) – President Donald Trump supporters lined up 60th opportunity on Friday for the chance to see the man they wish to lead the country for 4 more years.Trump is back

on the trail after stopping all campaign occasions after testing favorable for COVID-19 two weeks ago. With 18 days left to the General Election, Trump made the trip back to the battleground state of Florida, making a drop in Ocala.

“How would it be if we didn’t have the Russia witch hunt and all this nonsense they threw at us the last 4 years. how would it be … they would not have another election. We would simply say, we would take it another 4 years,” stated Trump to a loud crowd.

“He is our guy, I’m telling you 4 more years has to get in,” stated Laura Kuehn, a Trump supporter.Laura Kuehn is one

half of the self called,’Trump Twins. ‘Kuehn and her sister, Nora, arrived a the Ocala Airport around 6 a.m., prepared to hear what the president needed to state.

“I like his rhetoric,” said Laura Keuhn. “People constantly discuss his mouth and how self-important it is and I see nothing incorrect. In fact that’s the important things that encouraged me to choose him was his outspoken honesty. We enjoy it.”

“Essentially, I don’t have a lot of cash to provide him, so I can a minimum of provide my time and defend him,” stated Nora Keuhn.The rhetoric was not always pleasant, however.”You are a traitor to the

white race, “said a Trump fan at the rally to the group of Biden fans.”You are disgraceful. “” Well we wish to take advantage of being able to reveal the Trumpites here that there’s a big Biden existence here too,”stated Democrat, Jann Fitzgerald.”We are here as real people, and we actually appreciate getting him out of office.No matter what side these advocates landed on the political spectrum, they had one clear message.”Just vote, “said Democrat, Chris Lynch.” Vote your heart. Simply vote.”Florida is a strong focus for the Trump campaign. In addition to his drop in Ocala, the president took a trip to Miami on Thursday night for his city center. Trump has actually likewise made drop in Sanford and Jacksonville in the last month.The president is on the way to Macon, Ga., where he will hold another rally on Friday night.WCJB will have more protection from the Trump rally in Ocala on our 11 p.m. newscast.Copyright 2020 WCJB. All rights reserved.

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