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2 Iran ports exposed to cyberattacks

2 Iranian ports were exposed to an enormous cyberattack recently, a senior official at the Ports and Maritime Organisation (PMO) of Iran was reported validating by Iranian media on Friday.However, the main verified that the 2 ports are running with no disruption, although the cyber-attack targeted their electronic infrastructure.A declaration launched by the PMO exposed:” All the missions of the

organisation are underway with no disruption, “including that technical measures have also been taken by the PMO’s technological to reinforce the online services and avoid any pause in loading and unloading operations.On Wednesday, Iran’s Telecoms Ministry rejected that a massive and collaborated cyberattack targeted the country’s computer system systems, noting that the attack just targeted systems in two federal government agencies.READ: Iran and US to conclude prisoner swap offer ahead of United States elections The PMO’s statement spoke just about the attacks on the ports and did not give any details about the attack on the other federal government agency.Abu Al-Qasim Sadeghi, from the Iranian State Information Technology Organisation, told state television that some government firms have temporarily

closed down Web services as a precaution.He included:”Cyberattacks that happened on Monday and Tuesday are still under investigation, and they were considerable and on

a large scale.” Iran is on high alert due to cyberattacks, in the previous blaming the United States and other nations, consisting of Israel. Unless otherwise specified in the short article above

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