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Murder Suspect Back In Prison After Saudi Arabian Government Posts Bond

Monday, September 28th 2020, 6:15 pm

By: William Blanchette

TULSA, Okla. –

An Uber motorist charged with murder is back in jail, after just recently the Saudi Arabian government paid his bail to get out.Prosecutors argued because Saudi Arabia published the$500,000 bond, Omar Ba-Abbad has no individual reward to show up in court, and the judge agreed.Related Story: Saudi Arabia Paid$500,000 Bond For

Tulsa Murder Suspect Nevertheless, the district lawyer desired the bond withdrawed, so Ba-Abad would not get away the country.District Lawyer Mark Collier argued that the cash posted by Saudi Arabia does not ensure Ba-Abad’s look in court and the judge agreed.Collier said the law needs somebody

posting bond to reside in the state for a minimum of six months and owning residential or commercial property.

In this manner, something can be done if the suspect doesn’t show.However, Ba-Abad’s lawyer, Tommy Adler stated he believes the judge’s choice to put Ba-Abad back in jail is based on a misconception of bail laws.Adler said the only requirement for a money bond is anyone can publish it on behalf of the person charged.

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