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WATCH: Team Trump Online with Lara Trump, Diamond and Silk, and Madison Cawthorn!


In the history of And I will never ever we are one people. Glorious Nation under God. America again. Welcome. Good evening everyone and welcome to Team Trump online. I’m Lara Trump senior adviser to President Trump’s reelection campaign so we are very excited. We have a great show for you tonight. My friends, Diamond and soaker here at about Joe and Kamala the anarchists best enable later in the show we’ll be talking with North Carolina congressional candidate Madison Hawthorne about what’s at stake this November. Alright, so we’re gonna bring on our first guest diamond and Silk welcomes. Oh. thank you. Thank you. Having us oh my gosh, it’s just like you coordinated everything I love it. so I wanna dive right in and talk about Kamala Harris. she was named to the Democrat ticket a little over a month ago. We’ve talked a lot about how she is a total fair candidate to women and to black voters, but we know women and black voters are smart ladies and think for themselves unlike the Democrats who think that voters in general apparently are dumb and can’t see her. I’m curious to get your thoughts. Kamala being named to the ticket with Joe Biden well first of all when you look at how they did that whole fiasco they were playing identity politics, sexist, I call it racism at its highest level. That’s right, you know uh they were trying to pander to black voters, give them enough to keep them quiet, but not enough to make a difference when you look at the both of them, I view them as a body and Clyde one, wrote the crime bill and the other one enforced it. That’s um I think that black people are. Up I don’t care who your body and put it with him. We already know that he hides in the basement he don’t have any solutions. He’s always trying to piggy back off of President Trump that’s already done an amazing job and I don’t think anyone is paying your bid any. that’s why they keep him in the basement and that’s why uh they keep cuddling him. I look at Kamala as his caretaker. That’s what I look at and then she and she said it long enough. she gonna become his Undertaker. Let me tell you something you got the affirmative action uh syndrome that’s going on here when you talk about that hard because they they wanna talk about systemic racism they wanna talk about this racism, but they use affirmative action and pick this lady based on the color of her skin versus the contacts within her resume. Okay. So this is what the Democrat party do. this is what they always do and there’s nothing new to this. Jim Crow. Joe is just the V. Being used by this white liberal Democrats, yeah, it’s almost like elder abuse at this point actually and you know, II often have said. I’ve said it many times in interviews well, this could have been a possible good pick for him. I mean we know that she is as far left as they come in the Senate right so clearly we know that that party has moved all the way far left radical socialist. That’s who they are. So maybe this could have been a good pick for Joe Biden had he not qualified ladies months in advance that. Was going to pick a woman like we’re all dumb enough to fall for the same trick. Remember in 2016, how many people would ask us out on the campaign trail together about Hillary Clinton, they would say well what about voting for Hillary Clinton because you guys are all women. I mean, do they think we’re this dumb. They think that we’re ignorant. They think that we’re not onto them. I don’t care if he do pick a woman. I don’t care if he’s a man I’m voting for the businessman who already has a track record. That’s all you have to do Lord compare President Trump. To Jim Crow records, there’s no comparison, I know, but because within almost 4 years, President Trump has done amazing things. 47 years. Jim Crow Joe hasn’t done anything. so do you think we’re gonna give him four more years to do what not I want to put my money is on President Donald J Trump and I wanna tell people this year if you are on the fence get off the fence uh huh walk to the gate drop on the tray and make sure you vote for Donald. That’s absolutely, I can’t say it any better myself. I feel like we just end the interview there, but I do have some more questions for you guys. uh we’ve watched as peaceful protests have turned into violent mobs all across this country yet Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have offered defunding the police. They really are the anarchists best enablers. What are your thoughts on the defund the police movement? It’s shocking that this is even happening in the United States of America and can the American people really count on Joe and Kamala to keep them safe. Uh well, first of all John Kamala is not worried about keeping anybody safe. That’s why they’re okay with the ants. That’s why they allow people within their constructs of their campaign to donate money so that criminals can be built out what about the law abiding citizens if we defund the police. What about minority communities? What about our elderly these people to be abused? They’re gonna be victim and victimized by and their criminality with the job and Kamala Harris have to say about that the only time they have something to say is when the public is calling them out on it and now all of a sudden they change their tune. Best bet in the law In order you were President Donald J. that want to implement law and order, and here’s the thing Why is it when the president offered to send in help? they don’t want the help they want to demonize him and vilify him for wanting to help out these people took an oath to protect law-abiding citizens and that’s not happening. So do you think Jim Crow Joey Kamala Harris don’t do anything about this. They gonna sit right as a matter of fact, in my humble opinion they. A part of this year that’s right cuz a lot of this stuff is being organized and orchestrated all designed to make our president look bad and so instead of defunding the police, let’s see where these people are getting their funding fraud. That’s That’s right. Okay order to orchestrate this year, uh a riot and be agitators and burning down what’s peaceful about burning down buildings? Okay. How do these people know where to meet up at how do they know where to find the bricks at who’s purchasing this stuff? That’s right. We need to follow the money and see who’s. Fun in all of this mess, no you’re absolutely right. I think I think whenever we look back on this time in our history, I think eventually come out and whether we’re talking about covet whether we’re talking about these violent mobs all across our great American city, We are going to see such an orchestrated plan to attack against the president. Uh I think people’s minds are just gonna like totally melt down and explode uh but to counter what you guys are just saying on the other side of the coin from Joe and Kamala is President Trump. He is the Order president and he’s going to Kenosha standing up up this violent extremists as you guys just pointed out, he has said to every mayor in every American city, I want to do the same thing for you, it took about 20 hours for the rights to be totally quell in Kenosha. So what is at stake this November ladies if we don’t reelect President Trump if we give Joe and Kamala the reigns to the country and give them the keys to the White House, what could possibly happen? Listen our. Hugs Everything that we work hard for sake if we allow these people to take over this country, you know back in 2016, President Trump asked what the hell do you have to lose If you don’t vote for him this go around. You’re gonna have a hell of a lot to lose. That’s this. the less is talking about raising taxes. they wanna create this anarchy. they wanna do for the police. They don’t care about your livelihood being flattened. This is what these people want to want to implement social communism. Country That’s right, you know what I always say this when people from Cuba and Venezuela when they come, they come to this country because they have a place to run to. That’s right if we allow the these left-leaning liberals to create anarchy and chaos and confusion and defund our police. Where are we as Patriots as a man? we have to run because we are the greatest country on earth. That’s right. That’s why we have to stand up to this. That’s why we have to vote right so we won’t get left. That’s why we have to vote Red RED remove every Democrat and vote for. Donald J Trump. That’s right uh I absolutely love it. I totally I agree with everything. It’s almost guys should write a book or something. Oh wait you actually did uh so I wanna get your final thoughts ladies but uh I wanna talk about your your book II just got it in the mail and I started reading it and I have to tell you I have gotten so many books from various people over the years who have written books and you can tell that they probably did. Themselves if they had a ghost rider and then they sign their name to it, I started reading your book and let me tell you something. I know that you ladies wrote every single word of that because it was as if you were there in my living room actually talking to me so tell our audience about the new book. Okay. so the name of the book is uprising who the hell said you can’t ditch and switch the awakening of diamond and silk. We tell about our story how we got started, We talked about being trusted to the. Arena the liberal ideology uh being censored on the social media platforms we talk about the pandemic and even some of this this happens surrounding the pandemic. so you are booked at diamond and or anywhere that they sell book. It’s a good read. It’s inspiration. It’s inspiring. go get the book and make sure you buy two and get one to a liberal. That’s right just in your neighbor’s doorstep if they don’t have an American flag or a Trump flag, they’re. They might not be they might be considering not voting for Donald Trump so leave it on their doorstep. Let them read it. I absolutely love it. Well you ladies are always an inspiration. I always love seeing you and hearing from you so thank you for being with us today. Keep up the hard work Uh we know that you guys will be out there fighting every single step of the way to reelect President Trump for four more years. so thanks for being with us. Thank you for having us alright everybody at home and one quick commercial break. We’ll be right back with more team Trump online. And we’re opening with a bang and today’s announcement proves that our economy is roaring back. It’s coming back extremely strong the United States economy added almost 5000000 jobs. likewise, Hispanic employment 1.5. 1.5000000 jobs million, More women were employed in the month of June. This is better than a this is a rocket ship. The radical left wing mobs agenda take over our cities defund the police pressure more towns to follow and Joe Biden stands with them cutting police funding. Yes, I absolutely eliminating cash bail letting criminals back on the street violent crime exploding innocent children fatally shot who will be there to answer all when your children aren’t safe. Donald J Trump and I approve this message welcome back to team Trump online. Now we’ve just heard from Diamond and silk about how absolutely disastrous abide in Harris ticket would be for safety and security in our country. Now we are so excited to be joined by North Carolinian himself. Madison Hawthorne for Congress in North Carolina’s eleventh District Madison Thanks for being here, it is such an honor to be on the air with you and I cannot agree more with diamonds. so we’re saying about safety and security. That’s why I’m very excited to really represent your of the way our political future is gonna be. Joe Biden is just more of the same more of the past. Yeah. Well, nobody wants what he’s selling. I think we figured that out very quickly uh when he’s rolled out some of his plans now, Madison I wanna start with the convention because I think I speak for all of our viewers when I say your speech was so powerful so moving at the Republican National Convention, um I wanna remind everybody in case you have forgotten. Take a look at this, you don’t have to apologize for your beliefs or to a mob. You can kneel before God but stand for our flag The American idea my ancestors fought for during the Revolutionary War is just as exciting and revolutionary today as it was 250 years ago, I say to Americans who love our country in old, be radical for freedom be around for Liberty and be a radical for our republic for which I stand One nation. Or God with Liberty and justice for all, Thank you and may God bless America. Oh my gosh Madison. so amazing. I wanna give you a round of applause again. Tell me what is it and what do you hope people ultimately took away from your speech? Well, I’ll tell you Laura is actually very difficult to bring that kind of vigor to that stage because as I’m sure you know that was an empty auditorium, I know on the camera’s moving around and but what I really wanted to convey to everyone When I said in this country we kneel for our God and we stand for our flag is that. The overwhelming majority of us subscribe to Judeo-Christian values, which means that we’re loving accepting and tolerant people who I believe in the least racist and most accept the history of the world, but also that we’re patriotic Americans we stand for our flag and when I say that I really wanted to convey a message that we do not back down. We are unapologetically American and we know we believe we’re willing to fight for it and so I think that really captures the American ethos the side of love and the side of courage all kind of being blended into one and I think that’s what we’re missing right. And I believe we have a deficit of courage on both sides of the aisle and these career politicians don’t represent true America. Yeah, I mean that’s that’s not lost on anybody. I think Donald Trump really blew that all up and everybody’s faces when he was elected because you you have the career politicians who have been all talk No action playing the the same promising their constituents. One thing going to Washington, DC own pockets for decades. He broke that up and now I’m so excited to see you in the mix um and I will say this. Not if but when you are elected in November, you will be the youngest member of Congress at just 25 years old uh a lot of people younger vote voters are automatically voting for the Democrats, but you’re out there proving them all wrong. So what’s the real story about President Trump’s support from young voters cuz I think people are missing it again. It’s just goes back to you. We’ve all seen the clip of where Joe Biden says. Well if you ain’t voting for me, then you ain’t black and which is just a. Comment but it goes to the arrogance that the far left Democrats have where they believe they own certain people groups, but you know in the Republican party. We’re the party we want we have different ideologies that come in. We welcome everyone with open arms and so I think that when people try to label all generation, Z and all the millennial generation as overwhelmingly Democratic, you know that may not be very, I think is going on is a lot of people in my generation are to see they. The Republicans are just a party of rich old white guys who don’t represent true American who just wanna help their corporate buddies when that is the exact opposite of the truth. We are the party of the people. you know, I know that the president really wanted to stress that this was America’s convention when we had the Republican convention and I think that was absolutely on display whereas the Democrats were not politicians and corporate lobbyists up on stage just trying to shove their ideology down our roads. Yeah the Hollywood elite Uh you know the politicians we thought Madison gosh, we would never have to hear from him again. They dragged everybody back out on stage, I think though. You present the future of America to a young person I think about back when I was in college in college at NC State um and thinking about my future and what casting a vote for Donald Trump would mean for my future versus someone like Joe Biden, you look at the way this president has been absolutely masterful with the economy. We know a rising tide lifts all ships. That is what this president is about. That is what this Republican. It is about so if I’m someone in college, he’s about to graduate and he’s thinking about what are the next steps for me The only option Madison is voting for President Trump. He is the jobs president. We know that we we are coming out of Corona virus pandemic. We’re coming back stronger. I think we will be back very shortly to that incredible economy that we saw uh you know not too long ago January, we had a million more jobs than we even had people to fill them um. When I talk to the youth out there, this is a vote for you about your future. I think when we start breaking it down like that. What do you think will that resonate with the younger generation? you know? I really think it does because often times if you start to close your eyes and imagine what the younger generation being in control would mean it’s sometimes it’s scary thought for a lot of people, but if you pitch them with their future, saying hey, you know we realize that there is a problem with the high cost of higher education, but the best way to. That is to have a job after you graduate and only you can have that job is with a good economy and that’s under the Republican Party. That’s under President Trump’s leadership because everyone’s more optimistic for the future. That’s why you see people who wanna go out to gamble. That’s why you see people who invest in the stock market. It’s we’re more optimistic for the future and I believe that my generation really embodies that and so I think if we go to them and talk to them about the message of the future, rather than focusing on the past or dying on social media hills, just saying hey. I want you to have more freedom and less government control and more of your own money in your pocket money that you made because we provide you a job with a good economy. Yeah, and you know what you talk about uh being possibly scary. I’ll tell you something that’s absolutely terrifying is think about the next and upcoming generation of Democrats. It’s AOC and her entire crew of socialists. They don’t value Liberty Madison. We know that they want to radically and fundamentally transform America so talk to the. At home about what is this November? I don’t think more consequential election in modern history I totally agree. I think that since the civil war, this is the most important election that’s happening and it’s really because you you capture it very well. This is a question between Liberty versus tyranny The America we know and love or having our country fundamentally change you see what the next wave of Democrats look like they look like the AO C’s and the Elon oars of the world the people. Willfully come out and say that this country is not great. It was never great and therefore we need to change it. That is something that makes me hold my head in shame that someone of my generation can believe that uh you know Elon Omar came here as a refugee and now she is a member of our Congress. the idea that she doesn’t want to emulate our our government and our country across the world. Rather she wants to redefine what we truly believe it is shocking to me and so I really think that people need to open their eyes. They need to think about what the other party says and believes because at some point we just need to start believing what they say we have the mainstream media who says Oh well when. Democrats say they want to defund the police. They just mean they wanna reallocate funds to better serve the community and then you have a when I say I want to defund the police. I literally mean I want to police out of my city. It’s it’s just goes right in the face it exactly what diamond is. so we’re talking about. It’s safety and security. You know. I’ve got a great older brother who’s got a young precious family and the idea that a violent mob could show up at their doorstep and threaten their lives. That’s disgusting and that’s what will happen if we vote for the Elon Mars and AOC of the world, and you know I think as we head towards the. Madison um obviously we have great Patriots like you that will be on the ticket as well. uh for the folks there in North Carolina people often times I think um focus a lot on voting for a presidential candidate, but we’ve seen in recent months, the fact that we have local elected officials in Democrat run cities around this country that have not upheld the laws in their cities have not protected the citizens of their cities. Have absolutely like chaos rain every election is important. You need to know who your candidates are so as we head towards November, I wanna encourage everybody to cast a vote for you to take a look at it and make sure you are voting for these individuals. These are people that will keep you safe that will keep your community safe that have the best interest of you in mind. We see very clearly the other side of the coin with the Democrats, Madison and what they’ve done so I wanna be able to give you an opportunity uh to. To to the folks in North Carolina, possibly watching about your run uh for Mark’s old seat and and why you’re the best person for that job. Well, you know, I think you’re absolutely right when you’re talking about a lot of us think about voting for the president, whereas it really needs to be done completely down the ballot because your local elections do matter uh you can see that your school board is to determine if your children are going back to school this semester at your governor’s the one to determine if you’re allowed to go out to eat or if you have to wear a mask over your entire state. But I’ll tell you this in an entire ideology that we’re voting for the person that the president is, I can always wanted a dispenser that I believe that when we vote for a president we vote for an ideology and what we’re supporting is the reason I support President Trump is because that ideology the Republicans are bringing that I’m bringing is one of America. first is is one and we also Kimberly Guilfoyle just say that the best is yet to come on stage and that is so true because the under President Trump and not under public Congress. If you get me, I really do need to believe. That the best is yet to come and we will see the greatest economy we’ve ever seen. We will see poverty levels just absolutely destroyed in this systematically attacked communities that have been under under pressure economically for the several decades. And so I generally believe that if everyone in North Carolina rises behind all of our local page to like Dan Forest running for governor or myself running for Congress out in Western North Carolina or our Senator, Tom Tillis and neither the president as well. what the Republican Party do in 2016, I think if you can. Because when we have the Congress and the presidency, we had these people who had the courage to have a party. I don’t think we’re gonna have that problem again in 2020 in the Senate, we have President Trump in there again, we will be able to lead us to a future that we never thought could be so bright. I love it. Let’s give Nancy full time to eat her fancy ice cream Madison. What do you say let’s get her back home to San Francisco? Uh let’s take her out of that speaker role. I think we’re we’ve we’ve seen enough from her uh her back to her hometown to pick up all the needles that someone needs to do. It’s horrifying uh Madison that I wanna say thank you so much you’re a great. My home state in North Carolina. We really appreciate you being on with us. You’re great. Thank you so much. Thank you so much to my guests, Diamond and Silk and Madison Kath for joining us tonight on team Trump online and as always thanks to you at home for tuning in time.

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