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Saudi Arabia: Grandma drowns trying to save granddaughter

Woman jumps in to save granddaughter in Sakaka city

Published:  September 28, 2020 05:09Samir Salama, Associate Editor

200928 attackThe window smashed during the attack. Image Credit: Okaz

Abu Dhabi: A Saudi family has mourned grandma Sarah Al Alimi who drowned in a swimming pool rescuing her granddaughter, local media reported.

The woman saw her granddaughter fall into the pool in a rest house in Sakaka city, in northwestern Saudi Arabia, and thought she had savied her, but she fell and drowned.

Her son Abdullah bin Musa Al Nusiri told Okaz the deceased’s granddaughter was in the pool with a group of children. His mother noticed that her granddaughter had advanced to the deep part of the pool and lost control.

“She threw herself into the waters to save her from falling to the bottom of the pool, and indeed she saved her granddaughter from drowning and death, but she drowned, may God have mercy on her, forgive her and make her a martyr,” the son said.

He added the deceased was old and did not have any swimming experience.

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