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Ninja Reportedly Paid More Taxes than President Donald Trump

Ninja is testimony to the fact that gaming is no longer just a mode of entertainment but rather a viable career. The streamer started his journey in gaming as a professional Halo player and eventually shifted to streaming Fortnite. He has reached unscaled heights with his streaming, becoming more of a pop culture icon than a gamer. Turns out, he is earning some ridiculous amounts of money. So much so, that he reportedly paid significantly more in taxes than President Donald Trump.

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Popular Twitch streamer Hasanabi tweeted that Ninja approximately paid 33,000 times more in taxes than President Donald Trump.

This tweet gains its relevance from a recent news report in the New York Times. According to the report, President Trump is losing more money than he is making and paid only paid $750 in Federal Income taxes in 2016 and 2017.

The streamer himself replied to Hasanabi’s tweet saying that the fellow twitch streamer’s guess is ‘almost accurate.’

Jake Lucky, the host for the YouTube channel Esports Talk, was ready with his calculations to deduce the amount that the streamer paid in taxes. According to Jake, if Trump paid just $750 and Ninja paid 33,000 times more, he paid $25 million in taxes.

The truth behind Trump’s tax avoidance is still not clear, but in that process, an estimate of Ninja’s earnings have cropped up.

With Mixer shutting up shop, Ninja had a huge decision to make this year. He finally opted to return to Twitch, following a few trial streams. He reportedly received a huge paycheck with Microsoft buying out the remainder of his contract. However, even without the big payout, Ninja makes mouth-watering amounts of money each year. But it would be folly to think he came by this enormous wealth without hard work.

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