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Letters: ‘Cancel’ culture; Donald Trump

Don’t allow 5-10% to ‘cancel’ the rest of us

Do you feel free to say what you think? Do you think Americans should feel free to express their opinions? Yet a recent study by the Cato Institute found almost two-thirds of Americans conceal their opinions because they feel threatened on every medium of communications today.  Conservatives especially are threatened and attacked by the violent fringes on the left, and so they just hide their opinions.

Is this the America which so many have given so much to build? Can we allow 5% or 10% of the population badger, attack and “cancel” the rest of us with violent public vandalism, arson and riots? They say America is a racist country, yet we recently elected a black man to two terms as president. You see small crowds tearing down statues of our history, when they obviously don’t even know the events some of those statues represent (Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, remember?).

Good people, we must stand and speak, before this violent minority leads us into a civil war, which only evil will win. Stand and vote, and support the leaders who speak the truth and will address these dark times with the courage and leadership our country needs.

Chris Kelly


American democracy at a crossroads

The forthcoming Nov. 3 national election is near, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for American democracy. One candidate, Donald Trump, has broken nearly every norm and guardrail in place to ensure a fair and honest election. He claims the only way he can lose is if the election is rigged by the Democrats. When asked if he will accept the election results, he glibly responds “I’ll wait and see.”

He is even more vociferous in his endless criticism of the media. Fake news! He yells out whenever an unfavorable media story is reported. The press is “truly the enemy of the people,” he loudly proclaims.

His opponents are not merely opponents — they are the enemy that must be vanquished. It is a norm of democracy that majorities may rule but minorities have rights — certainly the right to challenge the winner once more. Losers in non-democratic regimes often just disappear or self-exile to avoid imprisonment or death squads.

On Nov. 3, we can choose to take the road that surely leads to authoritarianism with a veneer of democracy or cast a vote for a democracy that holds out the promise of a more perfect union.

Donald Menzel


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