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“What a Champ You Are!” – Donald Trump Fears of Jorge Masvidal

United States President Donald Trump is an enthusiastic sports enthusiast. He makes it a point to keep up with the happenings in sports and has a soft area for the UFC, who he assisted find their footing at the start of the century. Nevertheless, the President’s interest in the UFC goes way beyond that of a casual fan. He keeps an eye on numerous records and scheduled a shout-out for welterweight fighter Jorge Masvidal.

While dealing with a rally, President Trump applauded ‘Gamebred‘ for his performance at UFC 239. He stated, “We have some genuine champs here. And one I heard, in particular, I saw an extremely fast knockout not so long earlier. Where’s Jorge? Where is Jorge? I do not wish to fight with him. Where is he? Where is he? Stand, Jorge. Stand. There he is.”

The BMF champ was the toast of the Mixed Martial Arts world after he handed Ben Askren a first professional defeat. The ATT fighter read his challenger to excellence and made the best start to finish the battle. He anticipated ‘Cool’opting for the legs and charged forward with a high knee.

President Trump said, “That’s the fastest knockout. I enjoyed his … he was fighting this young extremely star who was going to terrific, best? They were informing me how great he is. I do not wish to hurt any person’s experiences nevertheless he was supposed to be the future of the UFC however he needed to go through this individual right here but it didn’t exercise too well. Did it, Jorge? What a champ you are!”

Prior to his stint in the White House, Trump constructed an empire with the Trump company. He discussed the timing of the knockout and hinted that the fighter made a lucrative return when it was taken in proportion with the time he invested in the cage.

Masvidal connected with the knee at the three-second mark, and it took 2 seconds for the referee to wave off the battle.

Trump continued, “That was the fastest, was it? About a second? Two seconds? You stumbled upon the ring and the person was gone which was completion of it. Did they require to pay you for that evening or not? Because one second, that’s an exceptional return.”

‘Gamebred’ made $520,000 from the battle and it totaled up to $104,000 per second. The monetary return combined with the fight intelligence and ideal strike blown away fans all over. Safe to state President Trump was among them.

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