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United States election 2020: Republican politician citizens’ mood change in Pennsylvania augurs well for Joe Biden


Henry Zeffman, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Saturday September 26 2020, 12.00 am, The Times

Polling analysis in Pennsylvania gives Joe Biden, a former vice-president, a five-point lead over President Trump

Polling analysis in Pennsylvania offers Joe Biden, a previous vice-president, a five-point lead over President Trump ROBERTO SCHMIDT/GETTY IMAGES In a state as essential as Pennsylvania, where President Trump won by simply 44,000 votes in 2016, any voter may be essential, which is why Allison Glickman’s “mamas’ text threads” are a promise for Joe Biden.

“It’s interesting because you know who the Republicans are,” Ms Glickman, a mom of 3, said. “And I’m getting an ambiance that they’re not supporting him [″>Mr Trump] I was surprised when I shared something recently that they were more on my side.”

Ms Glickman, 43, a previous television producer, is comparing notes over coffee-crumble cake with Judy Finn, a mom and stepmother to seven and fellow Democrat in Bucks County, a cluster of upscale suburbs one hour’s drive outside Philadelphia.Ms Finn, 47, a previous

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