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Donald Trump Jr. visits Nixon Library to discuss his book, a new exhibit and the 2020 election

Donald Trump Jr. visited Orange County this week to do an interview promoting his new book, his father’s presidential campaign and an exhibit at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda that features letters between Nixon and President Donald Trump.

Trump Jr. spent much of the 40-minute conversation with radio talk show host and Trump supporter Hugh Hewitt blasting former Vice President Joe Biden and the media – both focuses of his new self-published book, “Liberal Privilege.” The pair taped the interview Monday as part of the “Great American Authors at Nixon Library” series. It streamed online Friday afternoon for those who’d paid $48 per person, which included a copy of Trump Jr.’s book.

The president’s oldest son advanced claims that Biden is suffering from “cognitive decline” even as he blasted others for making the same unproven observations about his father. He also repeated a claim the president has made without evidence that Biden is taking drugs to stay alert, with Trump Jr. saying he’s sure Biden’s handlers will “jack him up on something” and “give him some sort of medication to make sure he’s awake” before Tuesday night’s first presidential debate.

Though the debate is hosted by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, Trump Jr. said he doesn’t believe his dad will get a fair shake, saying that even “fake conservative” media doesn’t like his father.

Trump Jr. also said he doesn’t believe his father is getting enough credit for recently brokering bilateral agreements between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to work toward peace in the Middle Eastern region. Critics say the agreements don’t do enough to address the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, with the deals drawing criticism from key nations such as Iran and Turkey.

The president’s son was a bit more cautious when asked about how he views the race less than six weeks out.

“I think we’re up, you know, in the usual suspects. I think it’s very close in a lot of the places, certainly based on polling.” But he also said he doesn’t give much credence to the overwhelming number of polls that show Biden has a substantial lead.

While a growing number of high-profile Republicans have come out in recent months to say they’re backing Biden this cycle, Trump Jr. said, “I don’t think that we’ve lost really anyone that voted for us in 2016. But I do I think we’ve gained a lot of people from the other side, you know, that recognize now the promises my dad made in ’16 weren’t just bluster.”

He also said that he doesn’t believe U.S. Attorney John Durham’s inquiry into origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation will be out before the election.

Questions for Trump Jr. from Hewitt’s listeners focused more on the personal side of the president.

A listener from Garden Grove asked about the best advice Trump had ever given his son. Trump Jr. acknowledged his dad isn’t the type to sit him on his knee and have a heart to heart. But he said his dad taught him, “You don’t get anything you don’t ask for.”

He relayed a story about how when he worked for his dad doing landscape work at 16, he was only making minimum wage. He asked his dad why he wasn’t paying him more and his dad said, “Why would I pay you more than you were willing to work for?”

Trump Jr. told a Laguna Hills listener that he believes his dad’s best quality is his empathetic side, which he said Trump doesn’t let enough people see. He said he’s met people on the campaign trail who tell him stories he’s never heard of how Trump somehow helped them 40 or 50 years ago.

Another listener asked whether there are “shy Trump voters” who intend to vote for the president but are afraid to say so to pollsters or others. New data last week from a poll by Yahoo News and YouGov suggests that there are more shy Biden voters than shy Trump voters this cycle. But Trump Jr. said he believes there are a “pretty significant” number of people who aren’t telling anyone because they’re voting for Trump because they’re afraid they’ll get “canceled.”

After a San Francisco listener asked whether Trump Jr. plans to run for office, he said, “I have no plans on it right now,” insisting he’s focused on his dad’s 2020 race. But Trump Jr. didn’t rule out the possibility, saying he does plan to stay involved in politics down the road.

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