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All the top-tier of college football conferences are now preparing to play this fall

The Mid-American Conference (MAC) and Mountain West Conference (MWC) were the most recent 2 schools this week to reveal a modified season. This indicates that all 10 conferences in NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision– the top tier of college football– now plans to play football this fall.The MAC, which

suspended fall sports on August 8, revealed Friday its plans to begin a six-game, conference-only football season on November 4. The conference stated it is not preparing to allow general public presence or tailgating at football games this season.

“The Conference will implement a COVID-19 testing program requiring four antigen tests per week with all positive tests needing confirmation with a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test,” the MAC said in a news release. “Any student athlete with a favorable test will enter a cardiac screening procedure.”

Pac-12 announces it will play college football this fall, walking back previous vote

Pac-12 announces it will play college football this fall, walking back previous vote

Pac-12 reveals it will play college football this fall, strolling back previous vote The MWC, which indefinitely held off fall sports on August 10, announced Thursday its prepare for an eight-game football season on October 24. The league plans to allow each member institution to make its own decision on fan attendance in accordance with state, county and local guidelines.Read More”Our student-athletes have actually voiced their desire to compete, and it is the Board’s shared viewpoint that football can be conducted with suitable mitigation,”stated Dr. Mary Papazian, San José State University President and Chair of the MWC Board of Directors.All the Power Five conferences– SEC, ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 and Big Ten– have actually revealed plans to play this season. The Pac-12 revealed Thursday they ‘d start play on November 6. The ACC and Huge 12 have actually currently rebooted play , with the SEC set to follow Saturday. The Big 10 is scheduled to begin play the weekend of October 23 and 24. CNN’s Leah Asmelash and Jill Martin added to this report.

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