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Truth check: Nancy Pelosi didn’t protect an US Postal Service agreement for spouse’s business


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Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., mentioned the president’s remarks to press reporter Bob Woodward “is a catastrophe beyond words.” (Sept. 10)

Claim: Nancy Pelosi utilized her position on the Appropriations Committee to use her spouse a USPS house agreement

Both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the U.S. Postal Service have in fact made headings this year, but a variety of Facebook posts recommend the two may have a more perilous connection.The claim states

the speaker’s partner, Paul Pelosi, owns a San Francisco-based financial investment firm called Financial Leasing Solutions LLC which his net worth is $120 million. It then states Nancy Pelosi rests on the House Appropriations Committee, which appropriates funds to the USPS among others groups.

” Why is this crucial?” the post asks. “Easy. She passed an expense to offer 9 billion dollars (yes billion) worth of Federally owned post office home and granted the contract to none aside from Financial Leasing Solutions LLC. Her partner’s company.”

The post goes on to state that the commission rate was set at 9%, meaning the alleged offer would land her spouse a $1 billion contract.It similarly implicates Nancy Pelosi of breaking down the$ 25 billion that Democrats recommended for the Postal Service in the next stimulus bundle to provide simply$ 1.25 billion towards” making sure voting tallies are legitimate,” allegedly meaning the other$ 23.5 billion would approach “updating the’ centers ‘so they are more appealing to prospective buyers for her spouse’s company.”” How the hell is this not corrupt!!! “the post’s author

wrote.” She needs to go and I mean to jail!!” The Facebook user who made the post did not respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment.More: Truth check: Postal Service will offer tallies with insufficient or unsettled postage Pelosi is n’t on Appropriations Committee, cost does not exist It’s true that Paul Pelosi owns and runs San

Francisco-based Monetary Leasing Providers, according to the California Secretary of State’s company search. Whatever beyond that is inaccurate or misleading.The House speaker generally has no official committee projects, according to a Congressional Research research study Service report. That applies for Pelosi, who is not appointed to any committees, according to the U.S. House of Representatives’ clerk. Your House Committee on Appropriations site validates that.More: Truth check: Pelosi does not oppose remote ballot for Home Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, notified U.S.A. TODAY in an email that the Facebook post’s accusations are” totally incorrect.” The supposed expenses attended to in the Facebook post– which supposedly sells$ 9 billion of federal post workplace house– does not exist. A search of” Financial Leasing Solutions” in Congress’ Legislation database and its Congressional Record database returned no results.While it’s genuine that Democrats proposed providing the Postal Service with$ 25 billion in financing, it’s not likely that expenses will be made law, as Senate Republicans and President Donald Trump, who both ought to eventually verify it, have in fact been singing critics.More: House passes an additional$ 25 billion for Postal Service as Trump tweets opposition “I do not think we’ll pass, in the Senate, a postal-only costs,” Senate Bulk Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., informed the Louisville Courier-Journal on Aug. 18.” Representatives of the Post Work environment have consistently discussed that they DO NOT REQUIRED MONEY, and will not make modifications,” Trump tweeted Aug. 22.” This is all another FRAUD by the Democrats to provide 25 Billion unwanted dollars for political purposes, without discussing the Universal Mail-In Tally Rip-off … “There’s also no reference in that cost of the financing breakdown the post declares, that$ 1.25 billion will go to mail-in tally security and the rest to upgrading USPS centers. The legislation does state $15 countless the$ 25 billion will be moved to the USPS Work Environment of Inspector General.Fact-checkers at Snopes, PolitiFact and Examine Your Truth also determined the claim is unfounded.Post carefully resembles partially incorrect claim versus Sen. Dianne Feinstein If the claim sounds familiar, you may have seen it previously– however insinuating another lawmaker’s other half got a sweetheart offer due to his other half’s political position.In June, USA TODAY truth checked a resurfaced 2013 claim linking

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., of utilizing her authority in the Senate to assist her partner, Richard Blum of CRI, secure a home contract to sell off USPS buildings.More: Reality check: No proof Dianne Feinstein assisted spouse protect a USPS property agreement U.S.A. TODAY discovered that business Feinstein’s spouse worked < a href= "" target =" _ blank "> for at the time did secure a contract with USPS to offer post workplace buildings. But the Facebook claim got the name of business and the amount of cash exchanged incorrect. It similarly supported the claim in a misleading

method, utilizing 2 truth checks as proof which, upon taking a look at a lot more, do not show the claim’s accuracy. There’s also no proof Feinstein played a part in safeguarding the contract for her husband.While the claim about Feinstein is simply partly inaccurate, the claim versus Pelosi has no basis in fact.Our score: False We rank the claim that Nancy Pelosi used her position on the Home Appropriations Committee to get her spouse a USPS residential or commercial property agreement as FALSE due to the reality that it was not supported by our research study. Pelosi does not rest on the Appropriations Committee and the costs by which the post declares she approved her hubby the contract does not exist. There is likewise no proof that the $25 billion House Democrats wish to appoint to the Postal Service would be separated the method the post asserts.Our reality examine sources: California Secretary of State, Dec. 18, 2019, Organization Entities Filing Document for Financial Leasing Providers, Inc.California Secretary of State, Service Browse Congressional Research Service, Nov. 5, 2018, Celebration Leaders in your home: Election, Tasks, and Obligations U.S. House of Representatives’ clerk, Nancy Pelosi House Committee on Appropriations, Membership Email from Drew Hammill, Nancy Pelosi’s deputy chief of personnel Congress’ Legislation database, Browse” Financial Leasing Providers” Congress’ Congressional Records database, Search” Financial Leasing Providers” U.S.A. TODAY, Aug. 22, House passes an additional$ 25 billion for Postal Service as Trump tweets opposition Louisville Courier-Journal, Aug. 18, Mitch McConnell: US Home’s Postal Service costs might be negotiating opportunity President Donald Trump’s Twitter, Aug. 22 H.R. 8015-Delivering for America Act Snopes, Aug. 29, Did Pelosi Pass an Expenditure Enabling Her Spouse To Make Millions Selling USPS Residential Or Commercial Residential Or Commercial Property? PolitiFact, Aug. 26, No, Nancy Pelosi did not pass a cost giving a$ 9 billion contract to her other half’s business Inspect Your Truth, Sept. 4, REALITY CHECK: DID NANCY PELOSI PASS An EXPENDITURE APPROVING A$ 9 BILLION AGREEMENT TO HER OTHER HALF’S ORGANIZATION? USA TODAY, June 10, Fact check: No proof Dianne Feinstein assisted spouse secure a USPS realty contract Facebook Email

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