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Iraq: Pro-Iran union condemns targeting diplomatic objectives

The Iraqi Fatah Alliance condemned on Thursday the rocket attacks launched by unknown celebrations on the head office of “diplomatic objectives and primary organizations”, exposing that these attacks damage the state and will cause “hazardous results”.

The Fatah Alliance led by Hadi Al-Amiri consists of the political branches of the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), consisting of those who get support and financing from Iran. The alliance holds 48 seats in parliament out of 329.

The Fatah Alliance exposed in a statement: “We state our rejection and condemnation of any attack targeting diplomatic goals and official organizations.”

The declaration worried that: “These actions compromise the state and weaken its status, which is unwanted and leads to harmful results.”

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In the previous number of weeks, Iraq experienced the escalation of attacks occurring nearly daily, targeting Washington’s embassy in Baghdad, the United States soldiers and the forces and interests of other nations participating in the Global Union against Daesh.

Washington implicated Iran-backed factions of targeting its embassy and military bases where its soldiers are deployed.The statement

contacted the judiciary and the security forces to: “Stand highly and work to end the series of kidnappings, assassinations and violence which terrorised the population,” validating that “unrighteous celebrations are attempting to promote chaos and produce a state of confusion in the country.”

Given that October 2019, Iraq has really seen popular demonstrations against the ruling political class, which the protesters accuse of corruption and subordination to foreign parties.Activists who participated in the presentations are being frequently assassinated and abducted by unknown shooters. The most existing occurrence was the kidnapping of activist Sajjad Al-Iraqi in Dhi Qar Governorate on Saturday, who still stays missing.The Fatah Alliance also called on the PMF to prevent staining” the image of this holy entity”. The declaration asserted that: “Everybody must beware not to make rash allegations, because terrorism, the remnants of the previous routine( of late President Saddam Hussein ), deviant groups and the opponents of Iraq are constantly attempting to stimulate turmoil in the nation.” READ: Iraq reporters covering demonstrations threatened with death Leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada Al-Sadr declared on Wednesday in declaration that the PMF factions lagged the repeated missile attacks, kidnappings and assassinations, getting in touch with the PMF leaders to stop these acts of violence.The Iraqi Shia armed factions, consisting of the pro-Iran Hezbollah

Brigades, threatened to target United States military bases, in case the United States soldiers do not adhere to the Iraqi parliament’s resolution and desert the country.On 5 January, Iraqi parliament voted by a majority in favour of ending the foreign military existence

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