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Donald Trump riles up countless advocates at Jacksonville rally

JACKSONVILLE– As Florida counties began sending out domestic tallies Thursday, the president landed in Jacksonville to reiterate the claim he’s been making to citizens for half a decade: Donald Trump is fighting for America.In a raucous, meandering hourlong speech offered prior to an outside audience of a number of thousand, Trump duplicated great deals of familiar claims, a great deal of them overemphasized or straight-out false.For example:”The Republican cities do not have trouble”with criminal offense.(Jacksonville and Miami, which are led by Republicans, have seen spikes in murders this year.) “They wish to pack the court,”Trump said, explaining a prospective Democratic strategy to consist of justices to the Supreme Court. (Senate Democrats are, at best, split on this principle.)”The Biden( health care)technique would harm … securities for pre-existing conditions.”( It would not; the Trump administration is presently fighting in court to end the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, which mandated those securities.)A mainly maskless audience cheered the president’s every talking point. Loaded into a beautiful vista, total with an idling Air Force One in the background at Jacksonville’s Cecil Airport, the crowd’s feeling was evident in what totaled up to a homecoming for Trump. For months prior to Thursday, the coronavirus pandemic had avoided the president from holding his signature rallies in Florida.Polls reveal Trump is running in a virtual dead heat with previous Vice President Joe Biden for Florida’s essential 29 electoral college votes.The Biden project put out a statement condemning the president’s handling of the infection, which has actually removed about 14,000 Floridians.”President Trump does not have a plan, but I do– to beat COVID-19, construct our economy back much better, and safe and build upon the Affordable Care Act by offering Americans more choice, lowering healthcare costs, and making our health care system less complicated to browse,”Biden stated in the statement.

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