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JJ Redick calls Marcus Smart, Patrick Beverley most significant floppers in NBA

JJ Redick is never ever one to shy from speaking his mind on essentially any matter and typically uses his podcast, The Old Man & the Three, as the microphone. On his most current episode on Monday, Redick provided among his spicier takes.While talking with”bubble correspondent “Duncan Robinson of the Heat, co-host Tommy Alter positioned the question of who was the greatest flopper in the league after a brief conversation on Marcus Smart. While Robinson hesitated to address, Redick dove right in.

“The obvious ones that stick out are like Marcus Smart and Pat Beverley … I seem like Kyle (Lowry) to a degree, perhaps, is good at exaggerating contact. I believe Harden is good at overemphasizing contact. But, to me, it’s not always flopping, it’s more of an ability because many times, like, there’s the really outright flops or the really egregious require, let’s say, a gamer like Harden where you look at on tape and are like ‘Man, that truly wasn’t a foul.'”

Patrick Beverley has certainly been under fire in the recently after the Clippers bailed out of the playoffs in dramatic style, blowing a 3-1 result in the Dallas Mavericks in the second round.Beverley took plenty

of heat from the Blazers backcourt of CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard , mainly since of his antics, after the Clippers’Game 7 loss.Smart’s shenanigans have not led to quite as much criticism as he isn’t nearly as singing towards opponents as Beverley is. But that doesn’t change the truth that the

2 have actually developed these kinds of track records for themselves.

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