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Iraq: Humanitarian Photo (August 2020)


The very first case of COVID-19 in an IDP camp was confirmed in late May 2020, in Ninewa governorate. Since then, humanitarian partners have actually supported the Federal government in preventing or ending transmission among IDPs in camps, communicating tracing, and adapting camp services to help IDPs in quarantine and isolation. Since 27 August 2020, there were 65 confirmed cases within 20 IDP camps: 26 active cases, 37 recovered clients, and 2 fatalities. Camp residents represented 85 per cent of cases; healthcare employees represented 12 per cent; and camp management represented 3 per cent.Prior to the

very first taped case in IDP camps, an evaluation was undertaken by REACH and the CCCM Cluster ² to identify humanitarians’ preparedness to react to an outbreak; interviews were performed with management of the 43 formal IDP camps in Iraq. Since May 2020, 46 per cent of respondents reported they had developed a COVID-19 Readiness and Action Plan; 88 percent reported they were carrying out active interaction with camp homeowners about COVID-19 preventative steps, and 93 percent reported there were appropriate handwashing centers to meet locals’ needs.In view of

the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Iraq, humanitarian companies have been collaborating to scale-up assistance to the Government in handling a larger variety of cases in camps. Technical guidance in the kind of recommended operating procedures has been drafted, consisting of on the suggested facility of quarantine and isolation units within each camp, where possible. Organizations are also working with Government equivalents to identify the financial, material and workers requirements for complete preparedness, mitigation and reaction in each camp.

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