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Pro-Iran militias suspected of attack on US school in Iraq|

Attacks increasing to pressure Kadhimi federal government over US troop withdrawal.Friday 18/09/2020 Security forces stand guard

near the site of an attack on the American Institute for English Learning in Najaf, Sept. 18.(AP )BAGHDAD– An explosive gadget blew

up late Thursday night inside the American Institute for English Learning in the holy city of Najaf, adding to concerns about an increase in such attacks in the country.The blast damaged the facade of the institute without triggering any casualties, Iraqi police stated in a declaration, noting that an investigation has been launched into the incident.The American Institute is an educational centre that teaches English language. It is not officially associated with any

institution in the US and all of its staff members are Iraqis. Security forces stand guard near website of the attack on the American Institute for English Knowing in Najaf, Sept. 18, 2020.(AP )Shia militia leader Muqtada al-Sadr warned versus targeting cultural and diplomatic websites in Iraq, which he said might lead the nation to a “dark tunnel” and into a “spiral of violence.”

“Whoever is behind the attack exposes Iraq and Iraqi to risk,” he added.Iran-backed militias are believed of targeting the US presence in Iraq.Hours prior to the attack on the English-language website Thursday, a roadside bomb targeted an Iraqi convoy transferring devices predestined for the US-led coalition in the Babylon governorate without causing any casualties.Over the past few weeks, attacks targeting the United States presence and forces of

other countries in the worldwide union versus ISIS have actually been on the rise.Washington implicates armed Iraqi factions connected to Iran of being behind the attacks. Such factions have

previously targeted the US embassy and military bases where American soldiers are deployed. Security forces stand guard after the attack near the American Institute for English Knowing in Najaf, Sept. 18. (AP)

Experts see that these attacks as part of efforts to embarrass the United States administration before the November governmental elections, while others see them as targeted at pressing the Iraqi federal government to follow through with an earlier vote in parliament demanding the withdrawal of US forces.Armed Shia militia

, consisting of the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, threatened to target American troops in the country if they did not withdraw, in compliance with the Iraqi parliament’s decision.Suggested By Editor

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