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American election 2020: Democrat Joe Biden shows ‘UK’s best pal’ is actually a nasty bully

Uncomfortable feeling. I mean, do you tell them to their face straight out? Or do you have a quieter, more equivocal word? Or do you ignore it altogether? And yes obviously I’m talking about America. Again. And that nice, lovely, cuddly, old Democrat Joe Biden – who just threatened Britain.

And he threatened Britain for that most obvious and crass and self-serving of all politican’s reasons – to scurrilously garner the votes of xenophobes and racists.

US politicians all need the xenophobe and racist mandate you see – they’re just not able to come right out and say it so they hide behind something which sounds a bit more worthy. But we’re not dim Joe.

More than 10 percent of the American electorate is of Irish, largely catholic, Brit-hating heritage. And Joe wants their votes.

But, as we know, Joe gets furious when politicians interfere in the political processes of other countries – just look at how apoplectic he got over Donald Trump’s indifference to Russian interference in US elections.

Surely he wouldn’t be so shamelessly hypocritical as to pull the same stunt on Britain?

Well, yes he would actually.

So, he said this: “We can’t allow the Good Friday agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit.

“Any trade deal between the US and UK must be contingent upon respect for the agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. Period.”

Got that? Biden will scrap a UK-US trade deal if Britain (and Boris) doesn’t come to heel.

Couple of days back I wrote about Nancy Pelosi lecturing the Brits on peace when the 1800 murders committed by the IRA were basically paid for by America. You can read it here.

And this is more of the same. Think Biden really gives a stuff about Ireland? All he gives a stuff about is bigoted Irish American votes.

Americans have a patronising Disney-esque view of Ireland – a rolling fields, top o’ the mornin’, drunk on Guinness by lunchtime, penned Ulysses by tea time view.

Despite few of them ever having been there they remain fiercely fenian – much more so than, y’know, actual Irish people.

To be blunt, a lot of them (especially on the democrat side) can be filed under xenophobic British haters.

I lived in the US for a bit and remember the first time (not the last) a Yank heard my english accent and said: “That will be 10 bucks please and get the f*ck out of Ireland.”

He couldn’t have been more than 20-years-old and had clearly never left this unremarkable corner of California.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him my grandparents were from Galway and Coleraine and I was brought up on rebel songs and Roman Catholicism, so I pretty much trumped him at every count.

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But although their Irishness is fake, Biden’s threat to Britain is real.

We need a deal with the USA.

Ideally we need a slice of the Trans Pacific Partnership – likely to become the biggest trading bloc in the world – which would not only be fabulously lucrative but an economic two fingers up to Mr Barnier.

Ultimately, once the election bluster is out of the way (and seriously, stick a tenner on the Donald whatever the polls say) it will come down to hard cash and capitalism.

This is America we are talking about.

Whatever the political posturing there’s still 70 million of us on these islands and in world terms we are loaded.

Bring down the import duty on a Dodge Charger or a Californian Merlot and we’ll buy them in bucketloads. (Especially if the self-immolating EU conspires to make BMWs and Citroens and VW’s about 40 percent more expensive by forcing a no deal.)

And yes, it’s rough when your best pal turns out to be a bit of a rotter but in friends, as in politics, it is wise to be absolutely clear on the terms of the relationship.

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