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Op-Ed: ‘Apocalyptic’ 2020 election – America’s ghosts are raised

Predictions ofviolence, electoral dysfunction, and allegations of fraudare a dime a dozen. The right, aka DC Skanks R Us, are predicting “anarchy” and a socialist uprising. The left is doing its usual suburban thing, talking a lot but with no clear courses of action.Underlying all this smug doomsaying, however, is something much uglier from the depths of America. The mere fact that things have been allowed to get so genuinely worrying is a testimony to the astonishing irresponsibility of US politics on all levels.The Disunited States is a disaster area. No subject is immune from the political disease. The nation is a travesty of itself. It’s a coast-to-coast crime scene punctuated by raving lunatics. American politics is entirely to blame for allowing the nation to decay to such a degree.From the sleaze of the skanky lobbies to the unfettered greed of the Super PACs, it’s all there to despise. From the endless trolling to Pizzagate and other deranged subsidized fantasies, there seems to be no end. American politics is like a failed sewer. You’d send your dumps elsewhere rather than have them associate with it.(Speaking of Super PACs – Where’s the money, guys? Just askin’, y’all. It’d be nice to know which pockets this ideological charity fills. Where there’s that sort of money, there’s fraud.)America from the outsideLooking at the endless crash and burn of America these days isn’t confusing. It’s now predictable. The image of the US to outsiders is of a chaotic, directionless, misled, and often mindless stampede in two directions which usually goes nowhere. Nobody believes the US can take a united stand on anything anymore.More to the point – The US hasn’t taken a united stand on anything for a very long time. Not one issue on any subject anywhere generates any sort of united American response.Having antagonized most of America’s allies and friends on a routine basis, Trump’s Mussolini-like image of bluster cuts no ice at all. His cowering to Russia is contemptible at best. His flag-waving supporters don’t seem to mind, either, another highly questionable indicator ofthe sheer shallowness of the administrationin so many areas. His and the GOP’s loud and ineffectual babblings at a progressively nastier China aren’t getting America much respect, either.A revolving door of mediocrities whose sole mission seems to be trashing whatever still functions in America is no great asset, either. This ghost is endemic in state politics and has become Federal under Trump’s inept leadership. Nobody cares who these flunkies are, or what they do. The picture is of unredeemed failure, characterized by knee jerk policies and ALEC-like red state laws based on pure nepotism. It’s corruption in another form, and there’s a lot of it.If America’s public image after WW2 was a 10, now, it’d barely rate an unconvincing 2. Massive crime, social breakdowns, hideous inequity in wealth, it’s all there to loathe. It’s like the Beverley Hillbillies mansion after it’s been a crack house for 40 years, and that’s putting it politely.US election 2020: Support for Joe Biden and Donald Trump in key battleground states as of September ...

US election 2020: Support for Joe Biden and Donald Trump in key battleground states as of September 3


The ghosts are grimAmerica’s flawed past includes some ghosts nobody in their right mind would want to raise. The Civil War is usually cited as the defining split in America. That split does exist and it’s a longstanding national ghost, but there are many other ghosts, much bigger, much meaner, and much uglier.Nobody has ever denied that social inequity is a problem in America since the Revolutionary War. Poverty is a massive social fracture, and it’s a generator of hatreds and resentments like few other human experiences. America doesn’t just have “underprivileged” people. It now has de-privileged, and even anti-privileged people who are denied basic necessities thanks entirely to politics. That inequity is very much in play in the 2020 election.Health, housing, education, food stamps, whatever, it’s the ghost of a prosperous America which no longer exists.Racism is one of America’s chronic diseases and one of the biggest ghosts of America, social fracturing. Instead of being fixed, it’s now been politicized to the point of deaths and endless headlines. Blacks, Latinos and Asians make up a much bigger percentage of the population, and everyone’s pushing their buttons, every day. This election will see how many buttons have been pushed.A relatively recent but exceptionally ugly ghost is rabid corporate culture, the anti-human culture which minimized human values and trashes lives and communities. Maybe all men were created equal, but corporate culture doesn’t believe it. The greed and the insanity, the lack of vision, and the lack of ethics is a curse on America which has yet to be lifted. This election is very much a corporate election, with big money and big egos involved.Crime has been totally out of control in the US since Reagan. No other country has institutionalized gangs. Organized crime is everywhere, and everyone knows it. This ghost frequently makes real ghosts out of people, and a lot of them. Its presence in politics is often mentioned, but as usual nobody does anything about it. The level of potential corruption in the political sphere is staggering, and not one word comes out of Washington, ever, on this subject. Why not? Guess.Fear is another raging ghost in the Land of the Brave. Fear is an emotion, not a rational process. That fear is justified, given the total functional breakdown of the nation in so many areas affecting everyone. Even walking down the street is a risk for many people. Fear is the subject of a lot of political rhetoric, aimed at further polarization, which generates more fear. Fear is likely to be a driving ghost in this election, the Uber Afterlife setting course for god knows where.“Apocalypse”? You’re not that luckyThe 2020 election won’t solve any of these issues by itself. The ghosts won’t be laid to rest that easily. The likely scenario is that the ghosts will continue to howl, the fears will remain, and not much will be done about them.It’s just too hard to believe that an election will sweep away the hideous ghosts from America’s battered psyche. How many American politicians, businesspeople, or community leaders are prepared to say “Enough!” and do anything about them?The way out, and the way to lay the ghosts, is a type of sanity of which America no longer seems to understand.What is wrong with a safe, peaceful prosperous country? You had one, and you allowed it to fall to bits.So do something about it. Get these lazy insular “leaders” of yours to put the country back together, and guarantee a safe, peaceful, prosperous country. You could do worse.

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