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Donald Trump Makes America Great and Beautiful: New Coffee Table Book Shows Donald J. Trump’s Aesthetic Side

NEWFOUNDLAND, N.J., Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Author, Claudia B. Logan, has written and published a hardbound 192-page glossy coffee table book featuring over 150 photographs titled The Elegant Trump that reveals the little-known story of how Donald Trump has dedicated himself to not only making America great again but to making things beautiful.

In this long overdue love letter, the author objectively explores Donald Trump’s relationship to aesthetics whether in architecture, interior design, luxury lifestyle products, the 2016 presidential campaign or as president.

‘Elegant’ is not the first word people use to describe the 45th President but readers will be curious to see how making things beautiful has played out in his life. 

The author said of The Elegant Trump, “I felt driven to write this book because newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media were not writing about his softer side.  The record had become either woefully negative or nonexistent.” 

“This Trump is not the mainstream media’s Trump and surprisingly not conservative media’s either.  Without entering the political wars, Claudia shows a man whose life’s work and personality make most of what the left claims impossible. You won’t see him the same way after reading The Elegant Trump,” says Walton Mendelson head of 12 on 14, (Prescott, AZ) who designed The Elegant Trump.

Each chapter explores a different aspect of Donald Trump’s individuality from his swoopy hair and red tie to his famous tweets to how he branded his Make America Great Again campaign to what he has in common with great 18th century conservative thinkers such as G.K. Chesterton and Edmund Burke.

This trove of photos while not exclusive has been specifically sourced to illustrate under-reported events in Trump’s life before becoming president and as president.

The author is available for interviews and media engagements.  The Elegant Trump can be purchased exclusively at:


Oxbow Creative founder, Claudia B. Logan, is a business writer who has written extensively for clients in technology, medicine and finance. A former New York City resident for nearly her entire adult life, she now enjoys living in the exurbs of northern New Jersey. 


Claudia B. Logan
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