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Letters: Forest fires; Cory Gardner; Donald Trump

Democrats are to blame for mega fires

Why the big fires raging throughout California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado? Is it the heat? Partially yes, but there is another reason equally if not more responsible.

Back in the Clinton days, his administration was warned that if they did not clean out the federal forests, they would become a mega firebomb. They didn’t. They spent the money elsewhere.

Well how about the Colorado governors? They did the right thing, didn’t they? Nope, the Democrat governors we have had, including Hickenlooper, let the tinder build up, and now it is destroying everything in the firebomb forests.

People are dying, homes are burning, Bambi and friends are crispy critters, all because Democrats in power ignored basic science of forestry. But then, has not history shown that ignoring the real problems is what Democrats do? Except for lip service, of course. They are doing the same with COVID, and people are losing everything.  Do you really want to vote for these folks?  If so, good luck!

David Cook


Gardner works hard for Colorado

I first met Cory Gardner when he was appointed to fill a vacancy in the State House of Representatives. We worked on many issues together for several years in the Colorado Legislature. He always impressed me as being more prepared for any issue he took on than any other legislator.

Once, when he was still in the Colorado House, my father and I visited Cory’s family implement business in Yuma. We found him there, working behind the counter in his blue jeans. Cory is always on the job, at his home in Yuma, or his work in the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C.

When he first ran for Congress, I endorsed Cory because I knew he was ready for that job and he would put 110% into it. I also knew he would not forget his heritage. Sen. Gardner knows Colorado, and the people of Colorado. He has worked hard for us at the capitols in Denver and Washington, D.C.

I am supporting his reelection because I know he will continue to work hard for us every day. Colorado and the nation will be better off if Cory Gardner continues his work in the U.S. Senate.

Kevin Lundberg

Colorado State Senator


Gardner has a long list of achievements for our state

I have personally known Cory Gardner and have watched him during his years as a state representative and presently as our U.S. senator. He has fought hard in Washington for the people of Colorado. He is a national leader looking for common sense energy and climate policies that produce results. Being a key ally of the Colorado based National Renewable Energy Lab and other labs, he has worked to get them the resources they need to carry out their work.

Cory realizes the importance of working across the aisle to get bills signed into law. An important one to me is the Great American Outdoors Act, which permanently funded the Land and Water Conservation Fund. He has been named a Nature Conservancy Conservation Champion and Friend of the Outdoor Industry. His other distinguished awards are: American Wind Energy Association wind champion, and a Solar Energy Industries Association solar champion. Another way he has worked across the aisle is to secure $300 million for transportation and infrastructure projects in Colorado. Cory has a long list of achievements for our state, and he has my vote on Nov. 3. Join me in voting for Cory Gardner.

Janet Juell


Gardner has the interest of Colorado at heart

I am supporting Cory Gardner for Senate. He has always had my interest, that of Northern Colorado and the state of Colorado first in all his actions.

I first became acquainted with Cory when he was the congressional representative for Fort Collins and the surrounding area. He has always shown more empathy and support for the issues of Northern Colorado.

I know he is a committed and effective senator for Colorado. I can’t say the same for his opponent, who really doesn’t want the job.

When disaster struck, Cory was there supporting us by secured the funding for rebuilding U.S. 34 through the Big Thompson Canyon after the 2013 flood.

Another example of how he has our back was his fight to relocate the Bureau of Land Management’s headquarters to Grand Junction. I like the fact that he believes government operates best when it’s closest to the people it serves.

Please join me in helping re-elect the only one in the race who truly wants the job, has the interest of the state at heart and is an effective senator for Colorado!

Jim O’Neill

Fort Collins

Trump is an effective commander in chief

Don Henricks sent you a classic “fake news” Open Forum letter. Contrary to Mr. Henricks’ comments, President Trump is the most effective commander in chief since President Eisenhower.

In contrast, President Carter was personally responsible for the last 40 years of international terror funded and planned by Iran. In 1978, I talked with the Air Force general who was given personal instructions to fly to Iran and tell the shah that he was no longer supported by the Carter administration and should abdicate. Soon after his departure, the exiled Muslim leader returned from Paris to Tehran, initiated the Iranian Revolution, captured the American Embassy and held it until Reagan became president. President Carter initiated the “disaster in
the desert” when his ill prepared deployment of U.S. forces was captured in the Iranian desert. Incidentally, the general with whom I spoke was attending a NATO conference in Bavaria and was a native of Paonia, Colo.

Perhaps Mr. Henricks can explain why our most recent commander in chief, President Obama, gave Iran billions of dollars that enabled it to expand its funding of international terror?

William H. Rutledge, Jr.

Lt. Colonel, USAF, Retired

Fort Collins

Trump is an America-first, promise-keeping politician

Regarding the Sept. 12 Open Forum letter by Ken Bublitz:

Yes, I agree with some of Mr. Bublitz’s criticisms of our president’s personal shortcomings. He often comes across as an egotistical, know-it-all “blowhard.” But consider, to his credit, that he has never been and still is not a polished, swamp-infested, ineffective career politician.

It appears that Mr. Bublitz fell hook, line and sinker for the anonymous, unproven and overstated soundbites from liberal sources, repeating them as fact and disregarding the larger, more obvious political landscape. To wit: We are no longer witness to daily depredations from overzealous, misguided terrorists. Antagonistic nations, at the very least, are being held at bay. Illegal immigration has been greatly mitigated. Trade imbalances are being corrected. Military preparedness has been significantly improved, and our troops are coming home.  Historical endeavors toward peace in the Middle East have been introduced. And the Chinese pandemic is being dealt with, though the liberals would have us believe otherwise and continue to use it as an excuse to bash the president. For instance, “he should have done more,” but have they offered any specifics? No, they haven’t.

Does Mr. Bublitz disavow these momentous but publicly unheralded achievements? Or does he simply choose to ignore them?

Legal immigration, health care, gun control, racial inequities, domestic terrorism, etc. are difficult and debatable issues. Perfect solutions are yet to be presented, and further consideration is needed. The welfare of our nation and its survival cannot be assured by the quibbling from the left about minor distractions and uneasily solved issues.

Bottom line: Liberal politicians thrive on the obsessive political correctness and naiveté of our imperfectly educated electorate. And until a polished, America-first, promise-keeping politician emerges, who is not a “blowhard,” Trump will get my vote.

R. Monte Smith

Fort Collins

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