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If by wins and wins, it’s as simple as that if we win America wins, you know that you’ve seen that we built the greatest economy in the history of the world and now we are very simply. we’re doing it again and we’re on track to have the best year we’ve ever had next year and I’ve spent the last 4 years bringing jobs back to our country. We’ve never had so many jobs ever forget they’re coming after me because I’m fighting for you. And they know my policies will lift America to new heights of national greatness like we’ve never seen before and we will make America great. And we’re opening with a bang and today’s announcement proves that our economy is roaring back. It’s coming back strong, the United States economy added almost 5000000 jobs. likewise, Hispanic employment is up by 1.5000000 jobs 3000000 more women were employed in the month of June. This is better than a be. This is a rocket ship. Joe Biden is an economic arsonist that statement may sound shocking, but it’s true he has spent decades in the Washington swamp torching the industrial might of America. I’ll explain more about that in a moment Welcome to Megan Economics. I’m Steve Cortes, senior adviser to President Trump’s reelection campaign with me tonight our congressman Ted Budd from the Great State of North Carolina and Gary Rab of the Ditch Digger CEO Podcast Our guests will join us later. But first let’s talk about the threat that Joe Biden presents to our prosperity The reasons why Joe Biden would be disastrous for our country and for our economy Last week we saw Joe Biden finally leave his basement safe space. He hit the campaign trail as the race tightens, especially in battleground states Joe headed for Michigan for decades, The Great Lakes State was considered solidly democratic part of the quote blue wall in the Midwest in favor of the Democrats, but then candidate. Trump broke through that barrier his electoral revolt of the outsiders, convinced the good people of Michigan to break ranks in 2016 and select a Republican nominee for the first time since the 1980s. Amazingly Biden actually had the goal to go to the industrial heartland to Michigan of all places and promised that he’s going to return from China. That’s like. Arsonist, who burned down a village returning to that town to promise the citizens of the town that he wants to be their fire marshal to protect them. Joe Biden spent a half century in the Washington Swamp Exporting American jobs all over the world, particularly to China. That is the one quote accomplishment of his half century in the Beltway terrible trade deals, specifically, Nafta and China’s inclusion in the World Trade Organization, which led to the loss of a staggering 92000. Manufacturing jobs in Michigan alone Joe Biden spent 47 years shipping America’s jobs to our foreign competitors, leaving a mess that President Trump has had to clean up over the last 4 years, Part of clean up Joe Biden’s mess was getting rid of Nafta, which cost America 850. 850000 jobs and negotiating the US MCA with Canada and Mexico. That is now bringing jobs back as we speak, however. In an interview with Jake Tapper last week, Joe Biden completely ignored his very own record with Nafta, He refused to give President Trump credit for actually fixing the mistakes of the past. have a listen. Something else did is he renegotiated Nafta. He did he renegotiated after that when you run for president and when Barack Obama ran for president you both said you would would renegotiate and Nafta you didn’t, he did Nancy Pelosi said that the US MCA, which President Trump signed into law, is a quote victory for America’s workers. Does he deserve credit for that? No? I think we remember he didn’t. He wasn’t the one to push that particular one in the past the house amended the bill, a man of the bill. Couldn’t it was a big deal, though here’s what he amended he was given farmer a way out giving them a gigantic break. just like he’s doing now with Pharma if you they’re building plants overseas and getting tax tax breaks for it, That’s what it was about with him and they said no. we’re not gonna do that. We’re not gonna do we negotiated Nafta and you didn’t. It’s the point I mean because we had a Republican Congress who wouldn’t go along with us for negotiating. It doesn’t he deserve some credit for that. It’s better the US MCA is better than a FFA. It is better than Nafta. Joe Biden proudly voted for Nafta as a senator back in the 90s, But in the Jake Tapper interview, he bizarrely said that he was against it after it passed Biden had his John Kerry moment asking the American people to pretend to believe that he was for Nafta before he was against it. That’s blatantly false Joe Biden defend. For many years after it’s passage, speaking of falsehoods when Jake Tapper properly pressed by inquiring why he did not fix Nafta as vice President Biden completely lied claiming that he could not renegotiate the terrible treaty because of opposition from a GOP controlled Congress. well, Joe Seldom lets the pesky facts get in the way. Here’s the actual truth for the first 2 years of the Obama ad administration Democrats controlled both the house and the Senate with total control. Federal government they could have easily pushed through a new deal with Canada and Mexico, but instead focused on democratic agenda items like Obamacare, In fact, the Obama Biden administration announced that they would not attempt to renegotiate Nafta only 3 months into their first term. They had no interest in helping American workers and I can tell you that has not changed since they left office. meanwhile, in the past 4 years, President Trump has made historic progress in bringing jobs back. America. And renegotiating bad trade deals with both allies and adversaries as I previously mentioned look no further than the US MCA possibly President Trump’s biggest trade achievement so far the US MCA is expected to bring 176000 jobs back to the United States in a move that will revitalize manufacturing and industry that trade pack with our neighbors and allies, Canada and Mexico provides the economic and diplo. Template for more trade deals into Trump’s second term after all we believe in America first, but not in America alone we can and should trade with the world International commerce can benefit both sides of transactions when the playing field is level and the terms are fair and reciprocal unfortunately before President Trump successive US administrations allowed China to abuse American workers the Beijing. Manipulated America with the willing complicity of a lot of big business multinational CEOs and their Washington to’s like Joe Biden, China was not a trading partner, but rather a trade exploit Donald Trump recognized this iniquity and move quickly as president to address it. President Trump levy tariffs on them compelling new trade negotiations on terms that prioritize American workers and American. In contrast, Joe Biden now promises to lift those sanctions without demanding any new concessions at all from the Chinese Communist Party just a party favor gift of sorts for the tyrants of the CP from their good pal Beijing Biden, perhaps part of Joe’s goodwill toward the Chinese pull-up flows from the gigantic investments of hard cash that the CCP directed to his son Hunter the wayward. Hop on Air Force Two for an official visit with dad to China after meetings with government officials there the CP controlled Bank of China miraculously invested 1.5000000000 That’s with AB in Hunter’s new fund even though the younger Biden had almost no track record in that industry, No wonder by the bids remains soft on China unwilling to stand up to Beijing on behalf of American labor on the other hand. President Trump is constantly working on behalf of American labor and lately the results shine as I mentioned in last week’s episode of of ergonomics this burgeoning economic revival of foot in our land produced 1.4000000 new jobs in the most recent report for August, bringing the total job gains over the last 4 months to a historic 10.6000000, new hires and economic renaissance is underway, but there’s more proof than just the number of new jobs at back to the economy. Let’s take a look at surging car sales data. China’s Corona virus hit our shores this year started off strong with 6.6% annual growth year over year. Unfortunately, the Corona virus hit and car sales plummeted to a negative 33% rate year over year in April, but now car sales have surged. they roared back to a four-year record with 8.1% year over year growth folks. That’s not just AV. That’s a super B and that is only half. Because of President Trump’s pro-growth policies and economic nationalism, and that’s exactly what this election is about the choice between President Trump Biden is the choice between economic nationalism and the globalist pre twenty-sixteen era of wage stagnation and the offshoring of America’s production if we want want the economies historic rebirth to continue and accelerate, we must reelect President Trump. He’s the only candidate on the ballot this November, who is a proven job creator a champion for American nationalism and a leader who is tough and clear-eyed enough to confront the economic and national security threats of the Chinese Communist Party, Tonight’s can talk about how the Trump approach to trade and the economy has benefited their states and their businesses as usual. We will first talk the economy from a macro perspective and then drill down to the micro to main street, but first we have. Commercial break and we’re gonna be right back after this Antifa is destroying our communities rioting looting yet Joe Biden kneels down and his staff sends money for bail and Biden fails to stand up to the radical leftists fighting to defund and abolish the police with Biden kneeling to the left. we’d have chaos in the streets. President Trump is standing up for us, keeping our community safe protecting minority owned businesses and always standing for our flag. I’m Donald J.. And I approve this message you have reached the 911 police emergency line due to the funding of the police department. We’re sorry, but no one is here to take your call if you’re calling to report a rape, please press one to report a murder press press two to a home invasion press three for all other crimes. leave your name and number and someone will get back to you. Our estimated wait time is currently 5 days. Bye. I’m Donald J Trump and I approve this message. Welcome back. I’m Steve Cortes and my first guest tonight is congressman Ted Budd of North Carolina. He’s a member of the Freedom Caucus Congressman Bud Welcome to the show. Steve Great to be here. Thanks for having me you bet congressman uh your state of North Carolina has benefited greatly under President Trump’s pro-growth and pro-American economic policies. So can you tell us about some ways that North Carolinians are benefiting under President Trump’s leadership? Yeah, well, one of the first things that we look at is the regulatory cut. I mean they have gone into the federal register and just started removing and. Examining regulations that are just in the way we’ve got you know uh or waters of the US, which previously under an Obama administration could look at uh uh a wet patch where you might get a tractor stuck in a farmer’s field and call that uh a wetland, a federal wetland and so it is raining back some of that in and uh just let businesses and farmers know that uh this administration is on their side and they can plan for the future and make good decisions and invest in their farms and in their small businesses, you know. You think about what happened in January of eighteen when we passed the tax cuts and Jobs Act led by the president and I remember going to uh uh a small business and she was uh she owned a furniture business and still does and she was thinking about buying a soul for her business and this is not something that you get at the local hardware store. This is a 250000. $250000 so and she said because of these tax cuts and jobs act uh the provisions inside of them. I’m gonna buy four of them and I’m gonna hire more people. so that’s a $1000000 of reinvestment. Economy that she made and she hired more people so well over a $1000000 just because of and that’s in one small area in one county uh in an industry that had previously been hurt by NAFTA, 1.00 and the other thing I would say is that is that the US MCA and remember this came right on the heels of of impeachment that the Democrats had led and the president uh wasn’t hindered by that he came out and said I’m still for America. uh he had every reason. Uh you know to to retreat, but he said, I’m still gonna help the American workers and we’re gonna undo what NAFTA 1.00 did and uh and we’re gonna do that US MCA that helped our farmers even more. uh I have one of the biggest dairy producing counties in North Carolina and years ago they had about 200 dairy farms in this one county iredell is just north of Charlotte and uh now it’s down to about twenty so about 10% of what it used to have, but because of the pro. With Canada that we have increased the amount of dairy we can sell to Canada uh triple so they can sell three times as much dairy product in the Canada as before which have been very protection uh but the president and his team work to open that back up. so this would be great for our farmers and again allow them to reinvest in their farms and in their local businesses, you know, I’m so glad you mentioned Trey Congressman, I know, North Carolina in a lot of ways was really hard. You mentioned the furniture industry uh obviously the textile business historically has been so important to the Carolinas, both north and south and uh those are ins. Were largely decimated by terrible trade deals all over the world, and you mentioned Nafta, which, of course I really think Joe Biden has now had his John Kerry moment. You know what I mean by that is he now claims that he was four Nafta uh before he was against Nafta. uh he also lied on CNN last week, he said that uh the reason he didn’t fix Nafta cuz he claims he had turned on the tree and he said the reason he didn’t fix it was because he didn’t have a there was a Republican in Congress, except the first 2 years of the Obama years, they had complete control both houses of Congress. Uh as well as the White House, so that tells me congressman that they just they decided Joe Biden was clearly happy with the Nafta agreement and for that matter his fingerprints have been all over every trade deal that has afflicted American workers for generation. Yeah, that’s seems to be a theme between uh the 2016 and now the 2020 Democrats uh nominee for president is uh they were forced something before they were against it before they were for it. So it’s quite confusing and we understand the confusion this year with uh with uh and it seems to get. I don’t think that’s really the last last policy that he’s gonna have before uh before November. uh yeah, you know this uh the tax cuts and Jobs Act and you look at the US and saying and you look at trade and then you look at the destination that we’ve had with covet, which didn’t have to be this bad and you look at a lot of governors who have locked down their state. that’s happened in my state here, unfortunately, but one business that you mentioned textile Steve One business came to me and they were nearly in tears because they have had this business. It was a multi generation small family. Uh producing textiles in my district and they were on the verge of having to close and lay off all of their employees, but because of the p they realize that businesses are the best check writers in our country, much more efficient than government itself, so they work through businesses to get money in the hands of the American worker and that’s what they did and she came to me and she said It’s still hard but our doors are open and we didn’t have to lay off one single employee because of the P and I think that was a great plan right well and look here. You know regarding PE in this economic renaissance, which is happening in the country right now, you know none of us. We’re we’re not being Pollyanna. We know that that all is not well. There’s still understandably a lot of anxiety out there. We are not back to the heights of the Trump boom that we enjoyed in the early part of this year, but nonetheless, I think it’s important for us Congressman to recognize the progress we have made and and the and uh the rapid rise. The American economy is show and it’s not just AV as the president of now, says it’s a super V and the data shows us that if we look at things that I spent. 5 years on Wall Street a bit of a data geek. I really follow this economic numbers extremely closely and and the latest numbers are just nothing short of astounding when you look at home sales, for example, July was the biggest month for home sales in American history. car sales rose to a four-year high, and of course the jobs come back. the latest jobs report that we’ve received for August showed 1.4000000 jobs added in that month alone, bringing the total to over 10000000 new jobs over the last 4 months and by the way not just jobs but quality jobs because the Increased number to me was perhaps the best news within that reported sort of showed a 4.7% annual year-over-year wage growth numbers. so uh to me, there are a lot of reasons solid data driven reasons to be optimistic here. uh can you share with us? You know what did President Trump do and what did you Republicans do to encourage and to create the conditions for this kind of rapid recovery for our economy out of the lows that we’re created by the charter virus. Yeah. Absolutely I think and when you. Data that really gets me excited, you know when you look at when you look at numbers and you look at like the 1.4000000 jobs that were created in August. uh you have to put this in context uh a regular month uh a good month we would add a couple of 100000 jobs that we would celebrate uh we’re doing ten times that per month and this remember this is we went into a really deep V because of the Corona virus it would probably needed to do that early on. but now we realize hey, look we got a handle on this. We can come back out. We know how to social business. We know how to wear our personal protective equipment. We know how to wash your hands. Let people decide. Push towards reopening let’s get money in the hands of businesses because they’re they’re the most efficient and let’s keep these things open because we we don’t wanna to just restart the economy, but we’re seeing we’re seeing 10000000 jobs added. And that’s that’s since uh you know the last 4 4 months that’s unprecedented and uh I talk to a realtor just last night so you know homes in the $200000 range, he says. You just can’t find any homes now because there’s such a strong. For regular working people to have a home uh that they’re they’re they’re paying over the listing price and regular uh blue collar neighborhoods, and this is just this is fantastic and this is the kind of American comeback that we want. Unfortunately it happened on the hills of Kobe, but we’re headed in a great direction and again over 10000000 jobs and more to come and I think 2021 with the right president with President Trump in place that we’re gonna have an even stronger economy than we had at the end of 2019. Now I agree you know with the. We have right now in this country uh both the sentiment that’s out there, the confidence that we can do this as well as you know as we’re talking about the hard data on the ground that show us the trajectory of this economy right now. if we reelect President Trump, I really firmly believe that 2021 could be the greatest economic year in American history, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration to project that out, but I wanna also ask you about uh a topic that I know you’re passionate about and this has an economic component to it and that is the left-wing violence that we’ve seen in a lot of our cities all over the place and I say it. Economic component cuz, for instance, in my hometown of Chicago, Michigan Avenue, which is the Premier shopping district because of the riding and that has gone on a lot of those very high end stores Wonderful restaurants are still to this day, boarded up and when you think about what that does to the economy, what that does to the jobs market in Chicago to the tax base, all of that? uh there’s there’s of course a safety component, which is most important to the riding. But there’s also an economic component uh when this entire neighborhoods are burned to the ground and destroyed uh in this. Cities across America so tell us congressman but uh you know what do you and President Trump and the Republicans want to do to combat this kind of senseless violence across our country? Absolutely Steve So the the main thing is to remember that we are for law and order we are for safety and security. Uh we want people not to fear uh going outside one for their their health and the other is for their physical safety. We want to bring criminals to justice This is when there is a very rare aberration inside the law. Which is, of course tragic, maybe like we saw with George Floyd and some other cases we need to let that investigation play out, but we will not put up with and if you want to protest, that’s fine. That’s that’s part of our First Amendment rights as a country to protest, but don’t call violent riots uh and violent protests the same thing as a peaceful assembly, They’re totally different. Look. We get it. We hear you when you want when people want to protest regardless of where they are in the political spectrum, and that’s one of the things that makes our country great. Also. We are grateful for those are on our front line first responders, particularly in this time our police officers We want them to know that we have their back and we’re grateful for what they do for us and we support them. We want them to be fully funded and realize they reflect society. It’s not uh it’s not a racial division issue because that every police department every sheriff’s office that I am they really reflect the communities that they serve um and one of the things you saw in the RNC, which was so inspiring to me, is that this was real America. Didn’t make it wasn’t uh one race or the other. It was all of us in this together regardless of your ethnicity or background, and I think that’s one of the things that we remember as uh we should remember as Americans sure I think if you compare the DNC, the RNC, I like to say that there’s was Hollywood and ours was the heartland and we really saw that showcased a lot of regular Americans. I’ve had a number of them on this show uh people who may not be well known but people who have done incredible things in their communities and a lot of them being small business folks and to your point too about you know corporate media in this front in this country, unfortunately constantly tries to. Peaceful protest peaceful assembly, which is just right and constitutional right, which is, of course none of that and II myself, have been a part of a lot of peaceful protests. I’ve been at many pro-life events uh pro second amendment that we’re entirely peaceful, respectful law-abiding um and and, in fact, you know incredibly courteous to law enforcement people who were there uh to help guard those assemblies. That’s that’s a sacred part of American culture of our Constitution. Speaking of the Second Amendment, I know that you own a gun shop in. I wanna ask you about being a small business owner, you know what can you say about your experience as a small business owner and then also as it relates to President Trump’s commitment to protect the Second Amendment? Yeah. Absolutely, you know, I have a lot of news organizations asked me about uh the second amendment and do we need to do this or that, but it was under President Trump. I mean he signed into law to fix mix, which is the national instant Criminal Background Checks service, which is maintained by the FBI. so we want good database we want. Keep firearms out of the hands of those who are dangerous to those who are criminal, but we realize the vast majority of Americans are safe. They’re law-abiding, they’re responsible and we want them to have access to they want uh to have use of the second amendment and have their own firearm um and by the way the store I have to be glad to help train them Uh our our motto is helping community responsibly. enjoy firearms. That’s really what we wanna do. We’re about community. We’re about responsibly uh enjoying firearms so it’s been a real. We’ve done it for 10 years. we bought it for a local law enforcement and uh it was then that that never underestimate the need of the public to have a safe place to shoot and I really think that uh the president and also uh his kids understand that uh Don Junior Eric I mean both avid sportsman and uh and safe shooters and very responsible people So II really think they get it uh and you know being from New York, which is so restrictive in Chicago, which is so restrictive as you know being having roots there um and those are some of the. Area The most dangerous place to be is in a gun restricted zone. What you want is the good guys to have a gun to stop the bad guys that have a gun or whatever uh weapon of their choice. We want to and there’s more good guys than there are bad guys and that’s where uh the Second Amendment comes into play and helps us to keep order in this country. Um is we want the criminals to fear the good guys right? Congressman You are so appreciate your time tonight but uh I wanna ask you if there’s something else you’d like to tell our audience as you say uh in the Congress, I yield the floor. I guess uh to you uh there’s something you’d like to say to. Economics Audience Look II Thank you for being a supporter of the president and uh to pray for him out to those that are maybe uh a few of are still on the fence that aren’t quite sure yet I think about the future of our country and that and we got a great style, not everybody loves his style. I happen to really and I do and we need to give him another for you to do. we know you wanna get Donald Trump four more years to fight for you in Washington, but he isn’t just up against Joe Biden he’s up against the Democrat fundraising machine and he needs help and get. Don’t just assume because his opponent hasn’t completed a single sentence that this campaign is over crazy things happen like this woman become Speaker house. It’s the president by texting Trump to 8802 Donald Trump is counting on every single one of his supporters to detect Trump to 8802. Now, I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message. Joe Biden has embraced the policies of the radical left trillions in new taxes crushing middle class families if you’re like me, your taxes are gonna be raised not cut. Misty for 11000000 illegal immigrants citizenship for 1199 folks reducing police funding. Yes, I absolutely the radical left has taken over Joe Biden and the Democratic Party don’t let them take over America. I’m Donald J Trump and I approve this message Welcome back to economics. I’m Steve Cortes and I’m joined now by successful entrepreneur Gary Rab, owner of a lot of businesses and the. Of the ditch Digger CEO Podcast Gary Thanks for taking the time to join us tonight. Thank you Steve. I really appreciate being here you bet so Gary uh you like me you’re from the Midwest. so if anybody knows the area well, formerly known as the Rust Belt, it’s you President Trump won the upper Midwest in 2016 by promising to bring manufacturing jobs back uh and he’s accomplished exactly that particularly pre China virus, but I wanna ask you since you’re from there. uh what have you seen? Hand in the Midwest, How have President Trump’s policies help Americans on the ground specifically in the industrial heartland? So we decided you know amazing difference um when uh the Obama administration office, our customers kinda holding back from spending we run uh the ten companies that do maintenance for facilities uh Midwestern and all across the country, but Midwest is kinda heavy um pavement uh rehabilitation roofing maintenance. Do this kind of stuff for big facilities owners so what we saw was our customers spending just enough to to maintain but not going above and investing further in their properties as much as they usually would through the through the administration of Obama and Biden. uh Trump got in office and and pass his new tax plan and man the flood gates opened up our customers are our customers manufacturing retail distribution um began spending like they hadn’t been in decades. uh so our business as well as anybody in our space, you know saw opportunity uh like never before. So So for me, it was it was just a stark difference. uh that that 12 months, maybe even right um from from the time that uh he took office now uh this this uh what people are calling a pandemic. uh there’s is being treated in our state of Illinois pretty uh pretty bad in my opinion right we’ve shut down a business all over um we see business across the country cuz we’re working in every state in the country um Illinois and New York some of our states that we that we do a lot of work and are are are suffering now. Kinda like uh when the Obama administration was in place right um there there are people aren’t spending as much. they’re they’re they’re they’re holding back on spending again um and uh fear of of what’s ahead and it’s as far as how long do we shut down the states like Illinois right, you know, I wanna ask you about that aspect. Gary because I think this is so important the the really unfair and unneeded restrictions, which a lot of democratic mayors and governors around the country are inflicting upon American society. really, it’s not just the economy, but. The economy is a huge part of that because lately we’ve seen and I’ve talked about a lot on this show uh the economic data data lately has been unbelievably surprising and optimistic to the upside. I mean they really did the hard data on the ground shows us whether you’re looking at jobs or car sales or home sales, industrial production you name it that this economy is roaring back to life, but it’s doing it to some degree Gary with one hand and that we’re fighting with one hand tied behind her back and I say that because the place you mentioned uh unfortunately a lot of the coastal governors as well. Pritzker in Illinois These governors are punishing the economy uh not for reasons of health or science, but for reasons of politics and that tells me that post election if President Trump wins when he wins uh into a second term as these unfair restrictions on needed restrictions start to uh get eased up this economy can just totally roar your thoughts on that topic or somebody does business in multiple states. Yeah. So for me, you know, I’m a crazy entrepreneur, people say I’m. I’ve started twenty-five companies in the last 20 years and I have a lot of fun developing leaders so so not only do I do. I have this fun companies that were part of today. It’s ten companies that we actually own and operate but for me, I’m a mentoring leaders. I have I have a blast talking about entrepreneurship because I believe it’s it’s the only way we save our country, our state of Illinois number one in our country as well. I mean Trump has done amazing things to bring business back to our country like never before right and so so for me I look at Illinois is a microcosm of what could be when I say uh. Pritzker is ruining our economy. I’ve got many friends. I mentor a lot of people in business because I have this thing called true mentors. Also, it’s a nonprofit. We have a bunch of small business minded people that either are small business owners wanna be small business owners or leaders in business and so we we mentor them with CEOs across the Chicago area. We have a blast with it, but what we’re seeing is some of our friends and small businesses are are are losing their businesses Some of them uh are actually not so small, even right, some of. Are running nice mid-size businesses are closing their doors now, I say this, you know it’s sickening to watch when it’s not necessary right. so so again, I believe that uh you know we gotta get our state back to work as well as our country our country overall, like you’re saying it’s coming back strong but we have these these uh these lock down areas like Illinois and New York and and others that I believe are are really hurting our economy. Overall, it could be it could be crazy but crazy economy right now, in my opinion that we’re kind of. Kinda kinda stumbling along as a country while states like Illinois, are just dying and killing business in many ways. right now. Listen, I think the economic comeback right now again is incredibly encouraging. That’s not just my opinion. That’s what the data tell me uh but it could be so much better if we could get some of these crucial places uh parts of the country that are normally big economic engines places like New York, Chicago and thriving again by the way to connect this back to this uh, he said that on the right now trying as he often does to weasel around it and say well I. Really think we’re expedient uh shut this country down again and President Trump, of course, says that is absolutely not happening. We know how to handle the risk of the virus. We know how to mitigate it places affect red. I ask about you because you mentioned how many companies you’ve started. you really are uh we could call serial entrepreneur uh much better than being a serial killer um but really you clearly have this part but uh that’s start-up mentality. Can you give us a glimpse into uh your beginnings in business and your mindset in approaching business and and why is it? You have this yearning and almost this need to start new operations. You know, you know what I think I think I started as a kid. I started as a kid understand how to make money when the money was a tough thing to come by so as a young person I my dad worked in a factory and worked every side job he could to raise a family of six kids and I watched that and so it it it 1010 1112 years old I began working and and and you know, newspapers mowing lawns and so on and I love work right. I love the the dig. To have money in my pocket when my friends didn’t right so so I guess I carried on into as a young person uh 18 years old didn’t go to didn’t go to college and I was kinda laughing at the ditch. That’s why my podcast is called Dish CEO. I’ll never forget the time my friends laugh at me because I was one of the only ones uh in my in my class or amongst my friends anyway that he had no aspiration to college at that time. So so again uh start my business early age and it was pretty easy for me to to do business and. You make a lot of mistakes of course because without an education and economics and and and business and business law and all the things that you’ve learned as you stumble through being an entrepreneur. Um you know it wasn’t easy, but the bottom line is I figured it out and um within a short period of time our little paving business grew to a bigger paving business and eventually grew to a regional business and eventually a national paving business. So for us, we’re very blessed that we were able to do this in America and I sincerely believe this is the only place in the world. you can do it and I’m I’m really worried that we’re wrecking that for the for our future generations, especially with the guy. This person in my opinion has no clue of what job creation is about right. We have a president. We’re so blessed with what we have had a president that is understand understood how to build and create jobs like this guy right and he continues to to to run our country like a big business right but uh not cowering to big donors or big industry. I mean he does what he thinks is right for the American people and boy. we’re we’re blessed to have him and we better keep him because and Joe Biden is the the uh. The exact opposite of that, in my opinion, right um and again if I judge things only on job creation and entrepreneurship and building our our our our our our our our country right this is uh this president is our best answer for sure right you know. I think that contrast is so important, particularly when we look at the economy and entrepreneurship and free enterprise in this country. If you comparing contrast these two, you look at your body and he has spent 47 years in the Washington swamp. he has worked on the government payroll for his entire adult life. The I like to joke, but it’s actually true the only job he ever created was for Hunter Biden uh where he followed along tag along Vice president uh Joe Biden and picked up amazing business deals around the world that no other person could get except for through family connections uh and then contrast that with President Trump, you know who is quite literally a builder, a builder of magnificent skyscrapers golf courses resorts all over this country uh and employer somebody who sides in the front of paychecks and the back of paychecks. So uh his experience I think has been so. To this country, he has so much respect for entrepreneurs and he believes as I do that that entrepreneurs are the unsung heroes of America’s society. I don’t think we spend enough time celebrating them uh but we do here on economic. We sure do on this show, but I wanna ask you about you mentioned that you got the moniker ditch digger uh would you clearly have embraced even if it was initially meant as an insult? uh you ditch Digger CEO Podcast. Why did you decide? You’re really successful businessman You don’t need to necessarily be out there to other people. you don’t even know about. This is about business what motivated you to start your ditch Digger CEO Podcast. You know what IIII consider myself kind of hillbilly and uh as a hill Billy, I didn’t really respect really my education and business that much so I began in my let’s say late 30s early 40s, telling my story and and and tell my story that I inspire other people to do things they might not have done otherwise. so I so eventually I was like I just kinda fun. Actually you know. people are telling me that my story made a difference to them so and I knew that for sure my form of education will not formal right. It’s been through mentorship and so uh I really have gotten in a in a big way uh as a leader in business. so uh my my goal is this II became successful because all those people I paved driveways for or the parking lot for that had a had a nice building. a nice business, a nice house. I’d ask them how did they do it right and they would tell me their stories? Some something not right? someone tell me their stories, but usually I figured out that they were kind of the JB Pritzker of the world that you know it didn’t really build it themselves and couldn’t really tell the story. Actually mean much to me, probably right, so it’s nice that they didn’t tell me the stories and case, but those who told me their stories always were those who bust their butt to build something really need right, whether it’s a small business that gave them the ability to send their kids to college and and build themselves a good a good life for those that were you know just crazy to successful that amazing businesses and millions of people you know, I think that people like Bernie Marcus, who’s been a mentor of mine and uh friends like Jimmy John and different one different people that. Just crazy successful these people always are minded people that just wanna serve a great uh a big market, and there’s nothing wrong with that right nothing wrong with somebody that wants to serve a market better than anybody else. and I find that that 9099 percent of the time that’s the stories that America. It’s not the JB Pritzker of the world and those that have and although sometimes I do a friends that you know had a lot handed to him and make a lot of it and and are still have still that. And that drive um that that’s not as common in my opinion, but it is out there right so again for me for me, I want to tell these stories to others. so the stories that I heard and more I want to find those stories and tell them on ditch Digger CEO inspiring hopefully millions of people to think differently about not being envious and envious of anybody but actually being inspired by stories so that they could do their their own their own story. They can live their own story. not someday right so I. It’s happening we’ve got uh you know tens of thousands of listeners now and uh we’ve done no advertising for it all right. So we’ve got that. It’s not a million listeners yet, but it’s all we’re giving you 100% five ratings on it, which is kinda cool because I you know, I’m not I’m doing it in kind of a rough way. I’m not. I’m not this isn’t something that’s uh that well-planned actually, it’s pretty off the cuff, but it’s true stories of uh Jimmy John My own story story of the Netflix founder and the Red Box founder and the bright star. Many uh uh people that just found something they’re passionate about and serve the market better than anybody else in the world and and good things happen then right and I’m a I’m a I’m a Catholic Christian guy right and for me. What are we what I thought you know in my my Christian faith is you know to serve others. You know more than you serve yourself and if you think that way in business, you’re gonna be rewarded in life in my opinion now you’re gonna you’re gonna have challenges not gonna you know all all rosy but um overall, you’re gonna be you’re gonna be rewarded if you if you can serve the market better than anybody else in the world. That’s what it’s that’s. It might be in the world of a differentiator or dies what I call that if you can differentiate strong and serve a value better than anybody else in the world in your space, but you’re gonna have some opportunity like nobody else right. That’s an inspiring message. You know Gary I once had a really successful entrepreneur. tell me, he said that the best business book in the world is the Holy Bible that those principles uh work not just for your spiritual life, but they also work for enterprise to your point of uh an attitude of service of others and selflessness and uh those principle. Obviously to a successful entrepreneurs and you know, I wanna ask you about you know the the ditch aspect because you approach it seems like in many ways you kind of channel Mike Rowe from Dirty jobs fame that uh you are very uh focused on the non glamorous businesses places that uh the kinds of activities which maybe aren’t sexy, but it can be really really rewarding financially and otherwise is that true. Yeah, you know what I started out. I was blessed to start out in a non glamorous business right, not a lot of people go to. College like my friends to go to college, then and and say man I wanna be an asphalt right or well. I wanna I just wanna pay right. It’s not or do roofing or the doors and docks right. These are things that are sexy and exciting to most. so the the blessing of that really. Steve is that you know what we’ve been we’ve been able to figure out ways to bring technology into these dirty spaces and so our technology is really driven our growth and our success to in many aspects. So it’s fun is you know take the dirty businesses. Ad technology and you can you can be a place like nobody else because it’s not that common that people are paving parking lots and say man. How do we use AI? How do we use drones? How do we use satellite imagery to do this better for our customers? and so we do all that today better than anyone else in the world and so that’s that’s been uh uh uh a big delivery delivery of success for us. Um we use drones and artificial intelligence to assess pavements all over the country and now now my son’s looking at building all over the world. Uh my son started the business with. We’re using drones to do like uh engineering roof engineering maintenance um to to customers all over the country. Um we now have over a billion square feet of pavements that we help our our customers manage using drones and satellite imagery. Um we have uh we have uh we partnered with a company of Israel. We’re able to see water underground as much as ten feet underground using satellite satellite imagery, which nobody else in the world can do except us and our partners in Israel now so again, these are all products that make us so different from our competition that our customers are like they come to us on an annual basis. Okay. What’s next? What you know, what what’s what’s the industry going right and so we have uh we have uh you know the uneducated that I am I didn’t go to college so I built my own facility in Schaumburg, Illinois. It’s called Raye University where we have uh you know fifteen different types of roofs on our roof with every type of grains, roof you can imagine um and eighteen different types of pavements on our our parking lot um basically showing our customers what’s out there. What’s coming what we’re experimenting with and and again, so it’s been kind of fun to say you know what uh how do we educate our customers better than anybody else in the world and we’re doing it not. That but then growing in business around it, which is just really a lot of fun. No. it’s so exciting and to your point a lot of businesses that may seem to an outsider or to the novice I may seem to be low tech are actually very high tech. for instance, the way you approach paving, which I think is fantastic. So alright. Listen last question for you. Gary When I ask you if you can if you can look forward as an entrepreneur into the future. What are you most excited about if President Trump wins reelection for the economy? what most scares you about President about a President? Biden God forbid. Well, you know, it’s really easy to me. I’ve I’ve been heavily involved in stuff here nationally and you know, business networks and and uh uh other organizations nonprofit organizations and leaders of all these groups are really worried um if by wins that we will go into a recession uh pretty fast um when you when you have a person, you know that wants to be president that brags about shutting down our economy. 100% Gary, I know you’re working so hard to reelect this president. We sure appreciate everything you’re doing folks. check out Gary’s ditch Digger CEO Podcast Gary Thanks for being on the show we’ll. Back thank you. Kamala Harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left embracing bernie’s plan for socialized medicine calling for trillions in new taxes attacking Joe Biden for racist policies. voters rejected Harris they smartly spotted a phony, but not Joe Biden. He’s not that smart Biden calls himself a transition candidate He is handing over the reins to Kamala while they jointly embraced the radical left slow Joe and phony Kamala. Wrong for America as we have already seen his America first agenda has lifted all Americans up and have empowered them with true economic emancipation that has once again made the American dream possible. That’s why I want you to text empower to 8802 right now if you want to keep America great and deliver four more years for President Donald J Trump. 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