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Letter/Opinion: Donald Trump has no heart


Sep 15, 2020 at 9:52 AM

Sept. 14 — To the Editor:

Americans are in the hands but not the heart of Donald Trump. He has no heart. In one fell swoop our president kicked the pillars out from under our admired Constitution.

We couldn’t have imagined what one human can do to millions of others WHEN HE IS ALLOWED TO. Those last 5 words unlocked national mayhem for all the world to see.

How did this happen? The answer lies in what preceded Trump’s election by decades of looking away when others in previous administrations and bureaucratic departments in greed and dishonor opened the doors to weaken our system of government

Future historians will explain in all the disgusting detail that only time can bring. Just as past tyrants and dictators of “great” empires brought mayhem and collapse upon their people, so is America gasping for resuscitation and renewal. Powerful forces of personal embellishment moved in on the national scene.

If you’re wrestling with the gravity of this moment you’re not alone. People are defying isolation; they’re against science and public health; they want their old world back. The coronavirus reshaped the national behavior and stretches the economy. Trump remains preoccupied not with the state of the nation but with his own dishonorable ends.

Trump sees himself as the conductor and the music is the new normal. We watch and pray as the vortex swirls and gathers destructive force. Instead of focusing on the debilitated, the dying and the dead who are the true victims of his malfeasance, Trump’s overreach has hit a high-water mark as he continues to cast himself as the savior.

He revels in the frustration and outrage he brings about by holding political events on the lawn of the White House or in public spaces where he thinks that fracturing tradition is powerful.

Americans need to know what unprecedented powers presidents believe they have. As Trump unlawfully grabs power he doesn’t have assisted by his look-away attorney general, political polarization intensifies, It’s too easy to recognize the abysmal problem here: When a president grabs power that doesn’t exist and no longer feels obliged to obey the law, then executive power spirals out of control.

That leads to our nation being out of control. Our inept, bumbling, egocentric president doesn’t know that he doesn’t know and his spineless compatriots are too terrified of him to do something about it.

How do you feel now that you’re experiencing horror at the star of this 24/7 “reality” TV show? That’s important because wherever Donald Trump is going, and I don’t believe he knows, he’s taking us with him.

We are self-destructing. Democracy is vanishing. The Republican party is gone. They did it to themselves. What we have in power is a party called Trump

Dick Rozek, Portsmouth

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