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Donald Trump Jr., Kid Rock Host Campaign Rally in Macomb County

September 14, 2020

Eric Lloyd,

The political world has its eyes set on Michigan again.

A week after both major candidates travel to Michigan to campaign, more representatives come this week.

Jill Biden in West Michigan Tuesday but Monday night Donald Trump Jr. and rocker Kid Rock held a rally in metro Detroit.

“He’s going to have you believe that now after half a century, he’s going to change things?” says Trump Jr.

There’s no time to waste and both the Trump and Biden campaigns have zeroed in. Zeroed in on each other and the state of Michigan.Don Jr In Mich Pic 2

“Because honestly, if you’re a blue-collar worker in Michigan, Joe Biden sent your jobs to China,” says Trump Jr.

Thousands of people were on hand for the hastily planned Trump rally hosted by Trump Jr. In Macomb County, a key region for Michigan, pushing the accomplishments of his father and the failings of his opponent.

“Why didn’t he do that under Obama? It’s not like he wasn’t vice president for eight years?” says Trump Jr. “He had a chance to do that but Donald Trump did prison reform. Donald Trump did opportunity zone legislation to fix the inner cities. Donald Trump did the First Step Act.”

To help get his message across, Trump Jr. brought out a local star, Kid Rock.

His focus being spreading the word to get out and vote.

“You have people you can influence. Talk to them religiously, tell them why this is so important,” says Rock, “That this year, more than any year ,they go out and vote, all right?”

When you involve a popular star, it’s sure to attract crowds. Non-socially distant crowds. A style the Trump Campaign enjoys and is criticized for, especially amongst COVID-19.

“I do think that if you are a healthy, able-bodied American, without pre-existing conditions, your risk is rather minimal,” says Trump Jr. “Doesn’t mean you don’t take precautions. Doesn’t mean you don’t wash your hands. Doesn’t mean you don’t try to avoid shaking hands whenever possible and use a little Purell but you do have to get on with life.”

Biden’s wife, Jill, will be campaigning in West Michigan Tuesday.

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