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Seattle Pier 58 collapses into water throughout building accident

Elinor Aspegren USA TODAY

Released 9:42 PM EDT Sep 13, 2020

2 building and construction workers were injured after plunging into the water in the partial collapse of a Seattle pier on Sunday.The employees

became part of a crew associated with the removal of Pier 58, the structure supporting a number of tourist attractions consisting of the Seattle Aquarium, according to the Seattle Fire Department.Five employees were

on the pier when the northeast corner, closest to the fish tank, began to collapse, stated Marshall Foster, director of the city of Seattle’s Workplace of the Waterfront, according to The Seattle Times. A tracking system triggered alarms and the workers left, but not prior to two males, who were sawing concrete, fell into the water. Both were saved rapidly by on-site security personnel, Foster stated, and are in steady condition at a regional hospital.Work had actually resumed this weekend at the site after officials chose to accelerate elimination of the pier due to the fact that of its movement away from land and continued deterioration. Officials had closed the downtown Waterfront Park after discovering that the movement had actually left a gap in between the pier and land.Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan tweeted that officials”will evaluate Pier 58 to figure out appropriate next actions and possible broader effects.” Before the city’s decision for accelerated elimination, the 50-year-old pier had actually been slated for remodel in 2022 as part of a redesign of the waterfront.Published 9:42 PM EDT Sep 13, 2020

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