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Donald Trump declares receiving an award that does not exist

WION Web Group New Delhi, Delhi, India Sep 14, 2020, 09.32 AM(IST)

Donald Trump Photo:-LRB- Reuters )

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Trump declared ‘a little while earlier’ he ‘got the Bay of Pigs award from the Cuban Americans in Miami’, calling it a ‘big honour’ which is not awarded easily

In a bid to entice Cuban American voters for the United States presidential election, United States President Donald Trump has once again made a claim that most likely doesn’t exist.

Trump declared “a bit ago” he “got the Bay of Pigs award from the Cuban Americans in Miami”, calling it a “huge honour” which is not granted easily.

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The US president made these remarks in a rally to draw Latinos, Hispanics and Cubans in Nevada, a state where his Democratic competitor Joe Biden is currently leading.

However, on the internet, there is no evidence of any existence of an award like this.

Launched in 1961 by US’s intelligence department CIA, the Bay of Pigs intrusion aimed to oust Cuban prime minister Fidel Castro. The objective failed and still haunts the relation in between both countries.

Meanwhile, the United States president to collect support from the western states for the November 3 election will hold campaign occasions in Nevada, Arizona and the wildfires-hit California.

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