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Trump rally in Parsippany NJ attracts hundreds of re-election supporters

Matt Fagan

Published 5:25 PM EDT Sep 12, 2020

PARSIPPANY — Hundreds of President Donald Trump supporters flocked to Veterans Memorial Saturday morning to rally behind the president’s re-election campaign.

The goal, for many, is to make New Jersey a red state again. The last time New Jersey electoral votes went to a Republican was in 1988, when George H.W. Bush sought election.

Donning their MAGA and “Keep America Great” hats, festooning themselves with Trump 2020 banners, with many carrying American flags, and few wearing masks, his proud base said they were there to rally for their candidate about 50 days before Election Day.

Event organizer Beth Figueira, a Mount Olive resident, began organizing the event several weeks ago but in the last week the event’s popularity prompted the switch from Smith Park to Veterans.

“This is the most important election I have been involved in,” Figueira said. “I wanted to bring people together.”

She apparently was successful.

More than 3,000 people responded by either liking the posting or saying they intended to attend. She also support from both grassroots Republicans as well as Morris County’s politicians like Michael dePierro, Parsippany-Troy Hills council president.

Trump, dePierro told the crowd, has kept his promises and needs the full support of the “silent majority” that helped elect Trump in 2016. That means a straight down the ticket Republican vote.

“We need to fill the Congress and the Senate with Republicans that will work with him,” dePierro said.

This will “help Make America Great Again,” he told a cheering crowd.  

Others like Edward X. Young, a Brick resident, one-time Democrat and who said he’s been to 36 Trump rallies since 2015, are even more devout.

“I truly believe Donald Trump was sent by God,” Young said.

If re-elected, Trump will be able “to crush” the leftist Marxists who want to seize control of government, Young said.

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The 45th president has been unfairly maligned by the media, Young said, misquoted or taken out of context. He added that the current state of affairs is part of the “plandemic” orchestrated by the left.

When asked if he had heard the recent tapes released by Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, where Woodward recorded the president saying he purposefully downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19, he said he had not.

Riverdale’s Jim Franzetti was on hand with his nephew Justin Musella, chair of the Morris County Young Republicans.

When asked about what he hopes Trump would accomplish in the next four years, Franzetti said he would like to see a return to a traditional conservative agenda, like getting tough on crime, lowering taxes and reducing the national debt, which, according the U.S. Debt Clock, has topped $26.7 trillion. It was $22 trillion in 2019.

Musella, one of the guest speakers at the event, told the crowd that this election is crucial to stop the radical left from usurping the freedoms that are America’s legacy.

“Now that very same freedom is under attack by radical leftists that seek to destroy everything our forefathers gave,” Musella told the crowd.

Musella was not alone in this feeling. By and large those present felt that electing Joe Biden would bring on a wave of socialist if not down right Marxist programs.

The solution is to re-elect Trump, said another speaker Brandon Jones. The president is best positioned to lead the country forward. 

“We have to have faith in the president,” Jones said shortly before addressing the crowd. “Only he can he bring (the economy) back.”

Musella said the rally was a great idea and they hope to build on its success. He said they hope to have a super rally a week or before the election. With no competing rallies, he figures the turnout could be huge.

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Published 5:25 PM EDT Sep 12, 2020

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