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PHONY ALERT: Old photos shared to declare ‘China has attacked India and injured 158 soldiers’

Amidst growing military tension between India and China in Ladakh area, screengrab of aFacebookpost is being streamed on WhatsApp. The Facebook post consists of 3 pictures shown a caption that declares that China has assaulted India and hurt 158 of our soldiers.

2 of these images reveal military cars that have actually ignited, while the 3rd picture shows some armymen carrying hurt soldiers.Times Truth Inspect
similarly received this message as a forward from a reader on its WhatsApp number. The reader wanted to understand its authenticity.TRUTH The images are old and have actually been shared with the exact same claim earlier.VERIFICATION AND METHODOLOGY We cropped and ran reverse-image search
on all three images to trace its source.Image 1
and 2 We found a YouTube video uploaded to bring’ Talk Shows Central ‘on July 17, 2017.
Entitled ‘Chinese cross border rocket attack eliminates 158 Indian soldiers – Dunya News’, the video brings a report from Pakistani news channel Dunya News to declare that in an attack by China, India lost 158 soldiers. The video brings the first 2 images shared in the claim above.

The video was uploaded to YouTube during the Doklam standoff between India and China. We looked up lots of reliable news sources and found no such report of 158 Indian soldiers being removed by China during that period.We also discovered a report from Chinese Herald, New Zealand which termed this report by Dunya News’incorrect news’. Although it is clear that the first 2 images are at least 3 years of ages, we

can not specify with certainty when they were clicked.Image 3 The 3rd and final image was traced to a report released in Asian Lite International on July 19, 2017. Entitled’Pakistan Resorts to Shelling in LoC; Two Soldiers Removed’,the report carries the very same image with a caption that has a look at’Soldiers bring the body of a soldier who was gotten rid of in Rajouri district’s Tarkundi location in cross border shooting at Line of Control( LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir’. The image is credited to news company IANS.Reportedly, 2 Indian soldiers were gotten rid of as the Pakistan Army turned to heavy shelling and shooting along many places of the LoC.Moreover, no present trustworthy report were discovered that declared that 158 Indian soldiers got injured following an attack by China.VERDICT Times Reality Check has really found old images are being dispersed to incorrectly declare that China attacked Indian and injured 158 of our soldiers.

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