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Live: Premier Daniel Andrews extends Victoria’s state of emergency another four weeks

Hey Jacqueline, you seem to be reposting the same questions and information that Simon was posting earlier, why?Surely there are some unanswered questions you could post?Or maybe it’s time for you to wind up and close the blog for today?Whatever you decide to do, please stop repeating this morning’s posts.

-Kevin Parker

This is also a question I have answered in previous days.


On questions — if it’s been a few hours since a question was answered and the question is still being asked repeatedly, I will answer it again to increase the chances that others scrolling through the blog with that same query will find the answer. The fact that the question is asked a lot means it’s an important piece of information.


On information — a lot of the time, information will come through to us at the same time as reporters. We will post that information here, and then when a reporter has done further research and published an article, we will post the link to the article here, too.


Many of you are very dedicated followers of the blog, and for that we love and appreciate you, but bear in mind that for a lot of people, following the blog is a casual affair and key information can get missed.

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