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Iran to soon start human trials for anti-coronavirus vaccine

Iranian medical researchers will quickly begin human trials for an anti-coronavirus vaccine after the phase of animal trials has actually passed, main news company IRNA reported on Saturday.”We hope these activities will bear the preferred result in buy to supply

much better preventive services for individuals,”Jalil Koohpayehzadeh, dean of Iran University of Medical Sciences and a member of Tehran anti-coronavirus committee, notified IRNA.As neither a working

vaccine nor a particular drug has really yet been produced against the Covid-19 infection, Koohpayehzadeh advised individuals to strictly follow health guidelines to avoid the spread of the deadly disease.People must follow standards associating with the use of masks and social distancing and prevent

events and crowded locations” as much as possible,”he said.Iran’s verified Covid-19 cases struck 399,940 on Saturday, consisting of 23,029 fatalities.The country verified its first case of the infection on February 19. Thank you for signing up for our everyday newsletter.

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