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Chris Evans fans, Mark Ruffalo reveal support after unexpected nude pic

Hannah Yasharoff USA TODAY

Published 12:57 PM EDT Sep 13, 2020

Chris Evans fans attempted to secure the star’s personal privacy after the “Captain America” star appeared to inadvertently shared a naked photo on social networks, while his brother, Scott, and fellow Marvel star Mark Ruffalo ribbed the star online.

“Was off social networks for the day the other day,” the actor’s more youthful sibling, Scott Evans, tweeted Sunday. “So. What ‘d I miss?”

What he missed out on was the “Avengers” star apparently publishing a male naked selfie in a screenshot of his cam roll, which was inadvertently shared to his Instagram Story on Saturday, then rapidly erased. Evans, 39, trended on Twitter for much of the day, with fans flooding the “Chris Evans” pattern with more G-rated pictures of the star in an attempt to safeguard his personal privacy.

Evans hasn’t shared anything else to social networks considering that deleting the image. U.S.A. TODAY has actually connected to his agent for comment.

“Brother, while Trump is in office there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you might potentially do to embarrass yourself,” Ruffalo joked. “See … silver lining.” Fans on Twitter took a various approach, pleading with others to “appreciate him and his household” by deleting posts that include the nude photo, citing current interviews in which Evans revealed he has dealt with serious anxiety.

“Chris Evans has actually done so numerous terrific and kind things for our community. Today he erroneously published a personal image for a quick moment prior to taking it down,” composed @iamkaarthikeya.

“Everybody has seen a penis prior to. There’s no need to see this specific individual’s penis. Leave Chris Evans alone,” composed @AngryBlackLady.

“The only pictures of Chris Evans we need to be spreading out and having in our cam roll,” tweeted @Boby_Emilova, along with a number of shots of the star beaming while having fun with canines.

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Released 12:57 PM EDT Sep 13, 2020

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