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2020 election: Coloradoan 2020 election endorsement letters guide


Eric Larsen Fort Collins Coloradoan

Launched 8:00 AM EDT Sep 13, 2020

If you have something to state about the 2020 Colorado election, the Coloradoan wants to hear it.Starting Sept. 18

and going through Oct. 30, the Coloradoan will release the best endorsement letters from Larimer County citizens in its Sunday print editions and online at opinion.Each week, we will publish the very best letter sent in support of each prospect running in the races we’re covering, in addition to the leading arguments for and compared to the statewide tally treatments that will appear on the Nov. 3 ballot.Selected letters will be published online and in print as area allows. Authors of letters not selected for

publication will see their names contributed to a list of those who wrote in support of each prospect, or in support or opposition of each tally treatment in an online roundup of submissions.While we can’t dedicate to releasing every letter we receive, and publication might be held off for considerable news occasions, we want to provide this opportunity for the

exchange of ideas heading into the election.Read on to find how to send your recommendation and which races we’ll be covering.How to send my 2020 election endorsement The Coloradoan will accept submissions for publication factor to consider if they follow the list below requirements: Pieces can not go beyond 250 words. The author needs to include their name and phone number for verification functions. The author needs to connect a.jpg image of themselves to their submissions. The image will be launched with any recommendation selected for publication. Submissions need to be sent out to [email protected]

  • Recommendations will be accepted for these races U.S. Senate: Cory Gardner( R) vs. John Hickenlooper( D) U.S. House District 2: Joe Neguse( D) vs. Charlie Winn( R) Colorado Senate District 14: Joann Ginal (D) vs. Hans Hochheimer( R) Colorado Senate District 23: Sally Boccella
  • ( D) vs. Barbara Kirkmeyer( R )Colorado Home District 49: Michael

    Lynch( R) vs. Yara Zokaie (D) Colorado House District

    • 52: Cathy Kipp (D) vs. Donna Walter (R)
    • Larimer County Commission District 2: Bob McCluskey (R)
    • vs. Kristin Stephens( D) Larimer County Commission District 3: Ben Aste (R)
    • vs. Jody Shadduck-McNally( D) Larimer County District Attorney: Gordon McLaughlin( D) vs. Mitch Murray (R) Modification B: Repeal real estate tax evaluation rates Modification
    • C: Bingo raffles enable paid help and repeal five-year minimum Amendment
    • 76: Citizenship credentials of electors Adjustment 77: Local person approval of gaming restrictions in
    • Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek Proposal EE: Cigarette tobacco and nicotine items
    • tax Proposition 113: National popular vote Proposition 114: Repair of
    • grey wolves Proposition 115: Restriction on late-term abortions Proposal 116: State profits tax rate decrease Proposal 117: Citizen approval requirement for production of particular fee-based business Proposition 118
    • : Paid household and medical leave insurance coverage program Coloradoan editor Eric Larsen can be reached at [email protected] or 970-224-7745. Help journalism in Fort Collins and
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