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For United States Livestock Producers China Still Offers Big Prospective

(Washington, D.C.)– Regardless of all the challenges of dealing with China, Kent Bacus, director of worldwide trade and market access for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, believes it is still the most appealing market for U.S. beef manufacturers.

“We finally have access to one fifth of the world’s population. We did not have gain access to there for a long period of time. The limited gain access to that we’ve had for the last number of years, it truly limited it to hormone free beef and other kinds of things, but there truly wasn’t an incentive to produce for that market.”

China is the largest beef importing market worldwide. Bacus says the Stage One trade contract in between the U.S. and China enables the U.S. to sell more beef to China.

“We are in a very distinct scenario, that could end up being a really successful market for us in just the next couple of years. However, you have to put that in the context of all the other problems we have with China. You have big geopolitical battles in between the United States and China. The good thing about this offer is that it strengthens that plan, so it’s not simply China being profitable, now the United States is going to be profitable.”

The agreement removes trade barriers China has in put on U.S. beef, opening the market for U.S. producers.

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